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She’s the First - Lasell Runs for Girls’ Education

May 5, 2014

Running a half marathon is a challenge, but three members of the Lasell community recently took on the distance with a specific goal and cause in mind.

Sunday, May 4 students Danielle Fortin and Suzanne Nguyen, along with staff member Area Coordinator Trish Moran, ran the Providence (Rhode Island) Half Marathon for the Run the World campaign sponsored by the non-profit She's the First.

The New York-based organization sponsors girls' education in the developing world with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders.

Lasell's chapter of She's the First opened earlier this year and has already begun to make a difference. Fortin, who is president and chapter founder of She's the First Lasell, and her companions raised $942 all to go towards educating women in developing countries. The amount they raised can sponsor three girls in school for a year in Uganda.

"I was surprised at how much we raised and very grateful, it's exciting to have been so successful with our fundraising in one semester," Fortin said. It was Fortin's and Nguyen's first half marathon.

The new organization also hopes to increase its efforts in the coming year. Fortin hopes that in the Fall, her club will grow in members and raise more money.

"With a larger base, we'll be able to put on more events and ultimately raise more money to sponsor girls," Fortin said.

For more information on the organization and the effort, visit

- Caitlyn Fitzgerald


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