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Marathon Hero Talks Boston Strong at Lasell

October 4, 2013

Carlos Arredondo, the hero in the signature cowboy hat who came to the aid of bombing victims at the 2013 Boston Marathon, spoke about his experiences at an October 2 public event in Rosen Auditorium. He was joined by his wife, Melida Arredondo, in an interview-format presentation followed by audience questions.

The Arredondos, who lost two sons in the Iraq War, distribute American flags to Marathon spectators annually as members of Gold Star Families for Peace. The couple was doing so this year as bombs exploded at the Boylston Street finish line.

The Arredondos sat on the bleachers on Boylston Street with family members from the Newtown, Conn. school shooting and 9/11 families when the first bomb went off five rows in front of them. As spectators ran from their seats away from the smoke, Carlos Arredondo did the opposite and ended up saving Jeff Bauman's life.

A photo of Arredondo pushing Bauman's wheelchair went viral on the Internet-making the US military veteran in the cowboy hat an international media sensation.

"I didn't hesitate, I broke down the barriers and started to help," Arredondo told the Rosen audience.

"It's not the first time he has helped save someone's life," added his wife. Arredondo's speaking engagements support One Fund Boston.


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