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Lasell Students Plan to Support Marathon Runners, Honor Victims

April 18, 2014

The traditional Patriot's Day celebration at Lasell will have a different tone this year as students plan to support this year's Boston Marathon runners, and honor the victims of last year's Marathon bombing, along the Marathon route. Lasell College is located near the 26.2 mile course, where thousands come annually to cheer on the athletes.

Members of the Senior, Junior, Sophomore and First-Year classes will display a banner to honor the runners and victims along the Marathon route near the campus on Monday, April 21.  The classes will hold the banner and show their class spirit beginning with the Sophomore class at 11 am, the Senior class at 12 noon, the Junior class at 1 pm and the First-Year class at 2 pm.

"Last year's unfortunate tragedy will make for a very different Marathon Monday," said Student Government Association President Kevin Moloney in a statement to Lasell students. "The fact that the Boston Marathon travels so close to Lasell College is truly a reward."

The students will also be able to cheer on members of the Lasell community who will run the Marathon this year, including Professor Neil Hatem and staff member Patricia Moran.

Elsewhere on campus, Lasell College Radio will hold its traditional concert on the Arnow Quad from 11 am to 4 pm for Lasell students and special food options will also be available.

Earlier in the week, members of the campus community gathered for remembrances of the victims of the Marathon bombing and participated in a moment of silence.


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