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Lasell Staff to Volunteer on Charles River, Assist Watershed Association

July 30, 2013

Members of Lasell's Enrollment Management staff will volunteer July 31 on the Charles River as part of a joint effort by the Charles River Watershed Association and Charles River Canoe and Kayak to rid the waterway of invasive water chestnuts. In addition, the College will provide for disposal of the material.

This year marks the second year that the College's Plant Operations team has donated a container and disposal of the invasive plants in partnership with Republic Waste, the trash hauler for the College.

This is the first year College staff have volunteered to help pull the water chestnuts from the river.

According to the CRWA, the water chestnut, an invasive aquatic plant, grows very densely and can choke the water in shallow sections of the river and along the shoreline, severely limiting light (a critical element of aquatic ecosystems), decreasing oxygen in the water, and preventing boat passage. In order to prevent water chestnuts from spreading, the plants need to be removed before they drop their spiky seeds into the river, which occurs in early August.

In previous years, the plants have been removed with harvester machines, but decreased funding has slowed that process. This year the CRWA is looking for additional volunteers to work on the project during several planned events.

For more information visit the CRWA website.


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