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Lasell Participates in Recyclemania for Second Year in a Row

March 2, 2011


Recyclemania at Lasell is back!

Recyclemania is a national recycling competition for colleges and universities that runs from February through late March helping schools calculate total recycling amounts as part of the competition.

"Recyclemania is a great way for our students to learn about the importance of recycling in a fun way. It helps them to make the link between their daily actions and big environmental issues like global warming," said Aaron Toffler, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Lasell.

Last year, Lasell improved its recycling rate to nearly 22%, which ranked Lasell College 12 in Massachusetts ahead of Babson, Boston University, Bridgewater State, and Bunker Hill College.

"This year, our goal is above 33%," said Marc Fournier, Recyclemania Team Leader, and Assistant Director of Plant Operations and Sustainability. This year, Fournier believes Lasell can rise in the rankings because students are now familiar with Recyclemania.

Also helping the cause is a new program in Valentine Dining Hall. Lasell now diverts food waste/other organic materials from the kitchen/dish room areas to new, color coded recycling bins. These organic materials (including dairy products, eggshells, fruits/vegetables, meat, poultry, coffee grounds/filters, tea bags, etc.) are picked up regularly by "Save That Stuff" and transported to Brick Ends Farm in South Hamilton, Mass. There the organic waste is mixed with leaf/yard debris and composted into for use by local landscapers.

In order to compete in Recyclemania, the College must count the bags of trash/recycling, estimate the weight of recyclables and convert this number to tonnage. Two new Eco-Reps from the Center for Community Based Learning are responsible for coordinating events, organizing, monitoring and calculating totals to be reported to the Recyclemania competition. Fournier also encouraged staff and faculty to use blue recycling bins to help Lasell compete, although the greatest contributors will likely be students.

To simplify the recycling process students have received white recycling buckets that they can hand carry to the- recycling room in their residence halls. To improve student recycling, Fournier is also looking into incentives for students whom recycle. Look for an Inter-Dorm Recycling Contest between selected dormitories sometime soon.

"We just want them to recycle," says Fournier.

For more information, please contact Mark Fournier at

- Emmalyn Anderson


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