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Lasell Adopts Rent a Text, Students to Save

August 5, 2010


Beginning this fall, Donahue's Bookstore will introduce a new textbook rental program that will allow students to save 50 percent or more on many of the books they use for Lasell courses.

Through the bookstore's parent company, Follett Higher Education Group, this new rental option will be available to students under the banner of Rent-A-Text.

According to Randie Farmelant, Store Manager for Donahue's Bookstore, offering rental textbooks through this program will:

• Save students money. Rental can save students 50 percent or more on the cost of their textbooks.

• Support strong learning and study habits. Students can continue to highlight and take notes in their rented textbooks. They will also have the option to purchase the book at any point during the semester.

• Make it easier for students to get all their books when they need them. Students will be able to purchase, pick up, and return textbooks either in our campus store or online and have numerous choices for payment, including being able to use their campus cards.

Students will be able to rent textbooks in the store and online, with in-store pickup, and be able to choose a preferred form of payment, including campus cards.

The program allows for the normal wear and tear associated with coursework, allowing students to highlight and take notes throughout the text just as if they'd purchased it. Students will also have the option to buy the textbook at the end of the semester if they want to hang onto it.

Faculty can search an online database to determine if the book they want for class is available through the program. In addition, faculty can work with the bookstore to make specific books eligible for Rent-A-Text with a multiple term adoption.



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