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Single Stream Recycling

Lasell College Single Stream Recycling

In an effort to significantly increase recycling rates on campus, Lasell College has implemented a Single Stream Recycling System on campus. Single stream recycling enables students, faculty, staff, and visitors to place recyclable mixed paper, cardboard and plastic, aluminum, tin, & glass containers in the same recycling bin; these bins are strategically placed throughout campus.

Students Explore Local Ecosystems

Students in BIO102 The Diversity of Living Organisms have been busy exploring local ecosystems. Students have studied bird diversity at Dolan Pond and explored the diversity of macroinvertebrates in the pond located on campus. Turtles, fish, birds, penguins, and salamanders are just a few of the many organisms students study in this exciting new course.



Endangered Species on Campus

Students in the Diversity of Living Organisms (BIO102) and Environmental Science (ENV211) are learning firsthand about endangered turtles by raising them in the classroom. Lasell College is participating in the Head Start Turtles Program run by MASS Wildlife. Students are helping to raise three northern red-bellied hatchlings in the lab. The goal of the program is to help turtles quickly grow so they stand a better chance of survival when released in June.


Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Committee is seeking motivated students, faculty, and staff to join our team. We endeavor to make Lasell College a sustainable place to live, work, and study. The committee plays a leading role in increasing recycling and diversion of organic waste, reducing energy & water consumption, and creating a culture of sustainability.

Anyone interested in joining the committee should contact Marc Fournier, Assistant Director for Plant Operations & Sustainability, at mfournier@lasell.edu.

ESC members for 2010 - 2011 are:

Staff Department
Marc Fournier
Chair of the Committee
Plant Operations
Amy Greene Center for Community Based Learning
Michelle Gaseau Communications
Kristen Gallo-Zdunowski Office of Student Activities
Kathy Urner-Jones Development
Bobbie Sproat Brennan Library
Marilyn Negip Brennan Library
Joanna McCarthy Corporate and Foundation Relations
Tiffany Breyne Web & Electronic Communications
Scott Lamphere Residential Life
Wayne Hederstedt Plant Operations
Gretchen Friend Academic Affairs
Tom Sullivan Center for Spiritual Life
Michael Muldowney Sodexo Food Services
Peter Hayes Sodexo Environmental Services
Aaron Toffler Environmental Studies
Michael Daley Environmental Science
Lori Rosenthal Social Sciences
Kim Farah Chemistry
Katie Daley
Eric Puglia


Environmental Studies Major Now Offered

Lasell College now offers students the option to major in Environmental Studies. The Green Economy is here and the demand for environmental professionals is growing at a very rapid rate. A Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies will prepare students to pursue career opportunities in policy and regulation, advocacy, resource management, and outdoor education. To learn more about the program and courses, visit the Environmental Studies Department page.


Looking for an Edge in the Job Market? Minor in Environmental Studies

From industry to agriculture, to science and technology, individuals who are knowledgeable about the environment and best “green” practices are likely to have a leg up in the twenty-first century, as both the government and the public exert greater pressure for environmental accountability from all business, commercial, private and public enterprises. A minor in Environmental Studies will complement students major area of study and provide a competitive edge in the job market. Learn more about the Environmental Studies Minor.


Lasell College Sustainable Dining

Lasell Organics DiversionLasell College is now diverting food waste and other organic materials from the waste stream in the kitchen and dish room areas in Valentine Dining Hall, including dairy products, eggshells, fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood, bones and fat trimmings, rice, beans, pasta, spoiled food, food soiled non-recyclable paper including coffee grounds and filters, paper napkins, paper towels, tea bags, and wet & waxed cardboard. New, colored coded recycling containers and educational posters have been placed in Valentine, and the staff has been trained in the new program.

Lasell Organics DiversionThe organic materials are picked up regularly by our hauler Save That Stuff, and transported to Brick Ends Farm in South Hamilton, MA, where they are mixed with leaf and yard debris and composted into a high value, nutrient rich compost for use by area landscapers and others.

Sodexo Dining Services has also taken several measures to make food services at Lasell more sustainable. Trays have been removed from the food service area. This move is expected to reduce food waste between 25% and 35%. Sodexo is also now serving students food. This is again to help reduce food waste and cut down on costs, energy, and water consumption.


Lasell College Geocaching

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a treasure hunting game using GPS devices. Geocachers use their GPS device and known geographic coordinates to locate hidden treasure. There are over 600,000 geocaches hidden around the world including four hidden on the campus of Lasell. After finding a cache, hunters take a treasure and leave a treasure. The Lasell College Geocaching Club has GPS units that interested students can sign out. Contact David Walsh or Professor Daley to sign out a GPS unit and explore the outdoors. Where are the geocaches?

42° 20.??? N; 71°14.??? W

Contact Professor Daley for exact coordinates.


News Highlight

Lasell College Students Part of Trial Program to Offer TV Content via Devices  Thursday, August 21, 2014Lasell College is one of a handful of colleges participating in a trial of Xfinity On Campus that lets students watch live TV and On Demand programming across devices. The program begins this fall semester.

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Colored Girls Hustle  Wednesday, October 29, 2014Yamawaki Auditorium

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