Student Voices

Student Voices: Talking about Difficult Topics in the Classroom - Title IX and beyond

Tuesday, October 14, 20142:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.  Rosen

A group of students, facilitated by Janice Fletcher, and Visiting Prof. Karin Raye will talk about the classroom experience from a student’s point of view. What do students want their professors to be aware of when sensitive topics like violence, abortion, issues around sexual orientation, or even divorce, poverty or race is covered in their courses? What things make students uncomfortable? Do students experience bullying and stigma around these topics and how can both professors and students create a classroom where difficult topics are discussed academically without making students feel unsafe?

Janice Fletcher is the Director of Counceling at Lasell College and Prof. Raye co-chairs a higher Ed committee - a collaboration between the Department of Public Health and the Governor's Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence

Co-sponsored by the DI and the Counseling Center