Constitution Day Program

"The U.S. Constitution & Torture" panel discussion with Professors Dennis Frey and Stephanie Athey.

Wednesday, September 17, 20147:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.  Rosen

U.S. government documents released show that after 9/11, many hundreds of people were abused or tortured by the CIA and Department of Defense, primarily in Afghanistan, Guantánamo, and Iraq, but also in other countries after unlawful rendition. Why do democracies torture? And when? How does this tie in to our history, to the War on Terror, to our future? How do we respond?"

Prof. Athey has published several articles on the US relationship to torture and lectured nationally and internationally on human rights and race. Since 2006, Prof. Denny Frey has taught the History of Human Rights at Lasell, and he has also served as the Faculty Advisor for Lasell’s Chapter of Amnesty International. Co-sponsored by the DI and the Department of Humanites