Colored Girls Hustle

Rap-duo Colored Girls Hustle will perform in Yamawaki Auditorium.

Wednesday, October 29, 20146:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.  Yamawaki Auditorium

Colored Girls Hustle” is a funky fresh, sister girl rap-duo that amplifies the spirit of sisterhood, entrepreneurship, and creativity. This performance by Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris will be wildly exciting and inspiring. Colored Girls Hustle envisions and works to create a world and culture that “Inspires us to live our daily lives confidently, creatively and passionately, values and celebrates our existence and our creations, and respects our bodies as well as the decisions we make for our bodies and lives.”

Taja describes herself as a courageous truth-telling creatress. An unapologetically proud Black queer femme feminist woman. Daughter of a single mother. Eldest of three sisters. Committed to the wellness, creativity and reproductive justice of women and girls of color. Jessica Valoris is a visual artist, performing artist, and poet. Armed with a passion for color, words, music, and movement, Jessica embraces art as a way to explore our ancestral, cultural, and personal stories and to create new ones.

Co-sponsored by the DI, and the Honors Program.