Welcome New Undergraduate Students!

We look forward to getting you connected when you arrive on campus! All Incoming students receive a technology orientation during the New Student Orientation Programs. These are Laser Link and Navigating Lasell and Boston for first year students planning to start in the fall, Transfer Orientation in August for transfer students planning to start in the fall, and Winter Orientation for those students planning to start in January. Social and academic utilities such as Microsoft Outlook 365 (Email, SkyDrive and Office Online) Moodle Learning Management System, and MyLasell portal are covered in these sessions.

We have provided the following Pre-Arrival and Arrival Checklists  as a resource for you to prepare your computer for Lasell's network.

Pre-Arrival Checklist

Setup or Install

  • Antivirus Program such as Microsoft Security Essentials (free for Windows), McAfee or Norton by Symantec for PC users or Sophos (free for Mac) for Mac users. Only use one antivirus at a time.
  • Anti-Malware Program such as Malwarebytes (free for Windows).
  • Word Processor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice (free for Windows and Mac).
  • Configure your Email For Your Smartphone by going to the Outlook Live Help Site and follow the direction under Set Up Your Email Account on Your Mobile Phone. Be sure to select Exchange, Activesync or Corperate email type when prompted. The Server Name is m.Outlook.com or pod51004.outlook.com and Username is your Lasell email address. The Technology Help Desk can always assist connenting your smartphone with your email.


  • Laptop Lock to secure your laptop in your residence hall.
  • Coax Cable to connect your cable-ready TV to our cable system. Cost of Basic Cable service is included in Room and Board.

Update Your System (A couple of days before arriving to campus.)

  • Windows Computers: Update Windows by going to update.microsoft.com and install all high-priority updates. Repeat the update procedure until you receive the message 'No high-priority updates for your computer are available'. Run malware and virus scans.
  • Mac Computers: Update OS by clicking on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the Menu Bar then select 'Software Update....' You may have to do this repeatedly until all updates are installed.
  • All Computers: Set the system to auto-update if it is not already.


  • Ethernet cable to connect to the wired network, if you have a desktop computer without wireless capability and also recommended for video streaming.
  • Analog Phone, Voicemail and Cable to make 800, 617, 911 and on-campus calls from your residence hall. Purchase a long-distance calling card to place long distance calls.
  • Other Software Programs are available at a discounted rate at www.studica.com and www.journeyed.com.

Arrival Checklist

Connect Computer to Lasell Network

  • Connect to Wired or Wireless Network (Wireless Network Name is Lasell.)
  • Mac Computers: Open a web browser and enter your Lasell User ID and Password.
  • Windows Computers: Open a web browser and enter your Lasell User ID and Password.
  • Click on the Launch Cisco NAC Windows Agent button.
  • Follow the prompts to Install Cisco NAC Windows Agent.
  • When Cisco NAC is installed it will prompt you to log into the Lasell Wireless Network.

When You Arrive on Campus in September

You will receive detailed instructions on how to install and troubleshoot Cisco NAC at Check-in. Throughout the day, the Technology Help Desk team will be here to answer your questions, connect you to our systems and to assist you with technical issues you may encounter.

Wireless is available in all residence halls and most public areas throughout campus.