Welcome New Students!

This website and the Welcome Packet will be your portal to Lasell College. Please read all the information below to learn how to register for Orientation, obtain necessary forms, and complete placement exams. Welcome to the Lasell College community! For more detailed information please use the links on the left sidebar. 

Should you have questions please feel free to contact the Office of Student Activities and Orientation at 617-243-2475 or via email at studentactivities@lasell.edu.  The Office of Student Activities is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please note between July 1, 2016 and August 26, 2016 the College is closed on Fridays.

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Orientation Programs

Orientation Leaders
Orientation is staffed by four professional staff members from the Office of Student Activities and twelve student Orientation Leaders (OL's). These students represent a wide range of majors, interests and co-curricular activities. They have been trained to help you in the transition to the Lasell community. You will be assigned to an orientation group with two OL's who will guide you through the Orientation Program. Want to meet the Orientation Leaders? Click here for a bio!

Laser Transfer Transitions
Transfer students are encouraged to attend Laser Transfer Transitions on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. This one day rogram will provide you with the opportunity to meet some key members of the campus community, learn about the Lasell academic experience and get answers to questions you may have about being a Lasell College student.  

Please click here for a check list of items to complete prior to Laser Transfer Transitions as well as Lasell Laser Welcome Weekend.

The program is free for students and guests are $15 (there is no specific program for guests, the day is focused on the student). You can register for Laser Transfer Transitions by clicking here when you receive your username and password.  

Laser Link Orientation 2.0.
New first year students who were unable to make Laser Link Orientation in June are encouraged to register for and attend Laser Link Orientation 2.0 on Thursday, August 18, 2016. This one day program will provide you with the opportunity to meet some key members of the campus community, learn about the Lasell academic experience and get answers to questions you may have about being a Lasell College student. 

This program is free for students and guests are $15 (there is no specific program for guests, the day is focused on the student). You can register for Laser Link Orientation 2.0 by clicking here when you receive your username and password.

International Student Orientation
The program will begin with a visa information session and F-1 student registration. In addition to verifying important immigration paperwork, students will participate in an engaging and fun cultural training on American culture and what it is like to be an international student studying in the US. This is mandatory for all F-1 Visa holders regardless if you attended a previous orientation.  

International students are welcome to attend Laser Link Orientation or Laser Transfer Transitions if able, attendance at International Student Orientation is required. Students can register by clicking here.  

If you have further questions regarding International Student Orientation please contact the Office of International Services at 617-243-2398 or iss@lasell.edu

Lasell Email Information

All Lasell students are provided with Lasell email accounts, and it is the primary means by which faculty and staff communicate with students. You are expected to check your Lasell College email regularly. 

Your username and temporary password will be mailed with your Welcome Packet. To login to your Lasell student email, click here.  This will take you to the Outlook login page, where you can login to your Lasell student email account at the Microsoft Account prompt. Directions are also below for  how to change your password, how to set up email forwarding, and how to set up email access to your Lasell email account on your phone. Contact Information Technology with any questions at (617) 243-2200 or helpdesk@lasell.edu.

Placement Exams

Please complete tests by Friday, June 10, 2016. Use your Lasell user name and password to enter into the placement exam.

Please print and bring with you the score confirmation.

  • Directions for Completing Placement Exams - Please read first
  • Math Placement Exam
  • Spanish and French Placement Exam (password is lasell)

    Math Placement Exams: All new students are required to take the Mathematics placement test before attending Orientation. Your placement score will help you and your advisor select your first math course at Lasell. When you take the Mathematics Placement Test you may use a calculator and take as much time as you need. However, the entire test should be completed on your own and in one sitting. Your math placement score and your SAT (if available) will determine your first math course at Lasell. If you do not complete the Math Placement Exam by Friday, June 10, 2016 you will automatically be placed into Math 106, Algebraic Operations (the core competency math course)

    Spanish and French Placement Exams: Students in the following majors have a foreign language graduation requirement:  English, English with Elementary Education, English with Secondary Education, History, History with Secondary Education, Humanities, Human Services, Psychology, Sociology, and International Business.  Students in these areas with previous coursework in Spanish or French should take the placement test for the language they have studied; students in other majors who are considering further Spanish or French study at Lasell should also complete the appropriate placement test.

    Writing Placement: At Lasell College, students in their first year take two writing courses, Writing I (choice of Eng 101 Writing I or ENG 101 Writing I Workshop) followed by Writing II. Please visit the writing program website at www.lasell.edu/writingprogram as soon as possible to indicate which course you plan to take in the fall. Seats are limited for the Writing 1 Workshops. For more information, please contact the Writing Program Director, Michelle Niestepski at (617) 243-2471 or at mniestepski@lasell.edu. For course descriptions please visit page 10 of the Welcome Packet.

Health Forms

The Health Services Staff welcomes you to Lasell College. Required Health Forms can be accessed online by clicking here.  The deadline for completing and uploading these required health forms is August 1, 2016. If a student is unable to access the patient portal website and upload these forms electronically, then please use the links below to find hard copies of each required form and return your completed health forms by either mail or fax to the following: Lasell College Health Services, 1844 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA 02466. Fax: (617) 243-2339. All forms are required. College Athletes have additional information required and need to complete those requirements in addition to these. That information can be found on the New Athlete Information tab on the left sidebar. 


Lasell College is deeply committed to the health, welfare and ultimate success and happiness of all members of our College Community. As part of our comprehensive prevention efforts for new students, Lasell College expects you to complete two online courses: AlcoholEDU® for Colleges and Haven.

Whether or not you abstain from Alcohol, it is most likely that it has some influence on your life or on the lives of your family and friends. We have chosent AlcoholEDU® for Colleges, because it is a thoughtful and educational program for young adults. This course is designed to help you make well informed decisions about alcohol, and help you to reflect upon and consider issues related to drinking at college.

Haven is an online course designed to increase your understanding of what constitutes healthy relationships, and to prevent/deter the incident of sexual assault. The course provides the opportunity to learn about the importance of consent and of being a good communicator, and the many ways you can help to create the safe, positive campus in which you will want to be a member.  

Membership in the Lasell College Community comes with a shared commitment to the health and welfare of others. Just as you have throughout your life, you will have a special opportunity to impact the lives of your peers in positive and producitve ways, and we want to assist you in any way that we can. This is why Lasell College has partnered with EverFi, whose missions is to help students address critical life skills, such as alcohol abuse prevention, and sexual assault prevention. Each year over half a million students complete these courses.

Lasell College requires that EVERY NEW STUDENT joining the Lasell Community completes HAVEN and AlcoholEDU® before arriving on campus in the Fall.

Coming Soon: Introductory letter from the Office of Student Affairs, log in instructions, and program opening and closing dates. Typically the programs are not made available until early August in order to coincide with your arrival on campus just a few weeks later.

Questions regarding these programs can be emailed to Scott Lamphere, Coordinator of Student Conduct at slamphere@lasell.edu

Student Account Information

The Lasell College Office of Student Accounts is here to serve your needs as they relate to your tuition account. They are responsible for providing students and their families' accurate and timely billing and payment information. The office issues ebilling statements and collects payments for tuition, housing, meal plans and any other applicable fees. When you register at Lasell College, you are thereby agreeing to pay all charges when the account is due, on a semester-by-semester basis. Please be sure to read the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Billing Policies and Fee Schedule linked below. Please be sure to read this document thoroughly, as it contains important and helpful information regarding your financial responsibilities and options while attending Lasell College. Additional information is avalable on the Student Account Website. Feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts at studentaccounts@lasell.edu, or (617) 243-2103, with any questions.

2016-2017 Billing and Fee Schedule Information
Look here for: Payment due dates, Health Insurance Waiver information, Explanation of tuition and fees.

Housing Forms

Resident students, please complete housing information by Friday, July 8, 2016. More information regarding Residential Life can be found by clicking the Residence Life Information link on the side bar of this page.

Donahue's Bookstore Information

Donahue's Bookstore at Lasell College carries all course materials required for your classes. We are pleased to offer many affordable textbooks options to Lasell College students including new, used, digital, and rental texts. Your books may be purchased in the store or through our online website. If you purchase online, you can choose to have your books shipped to you, or pick them up in the store when you arrive on campus! We also carry an assortment of Lasell College clothing and gifts, school and residence hall supplies, snacks and technology products. Accepted forms of payment include; cash, check, credit or debit card, Barnes & Noble Gift Card, and your Lasell "Torch Card". We are located in the Arnow Campus Center.  If you have questions about the bookstore or purchasing your books, you can call (617) 243-2182 or email lasellbookstore@lasell.edu.

Hotel Information
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