Residential Operations




All matters within the residence halls requiring maintenance should be reported to the appropriate Residential Life staff member.  Matters requiring immediate attention (such as faulty plumbing or electrical failures) should be reported immediately to the staff member in the building or if unavailable, to the Residential Life staff member on duty.  In true emergencies, should a Residential Life staff member not be available, students should contact Campus Police to report a problem.  All other matters (such as wobbly chairs, light bulbs changes, or fallen shades) should be reported to the Resident Assistant in the student's residence hall.  The RA will submit an electronic work order to the Coordinator of Housing Operations, who will review the request and forward it on to Plant Operations.  Students should be aware that maintenance staff members are permitted to enter student rooms at any time in order to complete maintenance requests and/or to deal with operations issues that are determined to need immediate attention; most usually, this will occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


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