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All residential buildings come equipped with washing machines and dryers.  The number of units in each building is determined by the maximum resident occupancy in the building.  The cost for each laundry cycle is $1.75 and is paid by swiping a laundry card.  Laundry cards may be purchased and/or cash value may be added to a card, at the Public Safety office, lower level of Winslow Hall and at the 24-hour lounge in Butterworth Hall.  Laundry services on campus are managed by Mac-Gray Services.  If a machine debits the cost of a laundry cycle from a user's card and there is a malfunction with the machine, users may contact Mac-Gray at 1-800-MAC-GRAY to request a refund.  Any maintenance concerns regarding laundry equipment or the laundry room should be directed to Residential Life by calling 617-243-2124.  When reporting an equipment problem, it is important to specifically identify the problem machine to help facilitate a prompt repair by the Mac-Gray technician.  Note:  Users of the washing machines should only use high efficiency detergents, and be careful about overloading a washing machine or dryer.

LaundryView is currently available in Gardner House and Woodland Hall, and during the Fall 2014 semester will be rolled out in McClelland, Van Winkle, Forest, Butterworth, Bragdon, North, East, West, and Rockwell Halls. LaundryView is an Internet application that allows students to monitor the status of washers and dryers to determine their availability, and for those in use, to ascertain the approximate time of their availability, from the comfort of a student’s residence hall room.



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