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Resident students may host visitors and guests in their residence building. A visitor is a Lasell student who is not a resident of the room that s/he is visiting. A guest is someone who is not a member of the Lasell student body.

Visitors and guests may be in the residence buildings at any hour during the day and evening. Visitors and guests are allowed to stay over a maximum of three nights in a seven day period (between Monday and Sunday) and no more than three consecutive nights. A visitor or guest is considered to have stayed "overnight" if s/he is present in the room any time between the hours of 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. It is important that roommates discuss when, and how often, visitors and guests may stay in their room, to insure that the rights of all roommates are being honored.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., all guests must be registered. The guest registration procedure involves the following:

  1. the centralized guest registration station is located at the Campus Police office, on the lower level of Winslow Hall
  2. only guests who have a valid, picture identification (e.g. driver's license; passport) will be allowed to be registered
  3. the Lasell student host will need to show his/her Lasell ID at the time of registration
  4. regardless of what time a guest arrives on the Lasell campus, if that guest is present at 6 p.m. s/he must be registered at that time
  5. Lasell students may register no more than two guests at any one time
  6. a guest who has been officially registered will be issued a "Guest Pass," which the guest will be required to have with them at all times, and to present upon request by any member of the college community; failure to present a Guest Pass upon request, will result in that individual being required to immediately vacate the Lasell campus
  7. guests may not tamper with, or attempt to alter, their Guest Pass; a Guest Pass that has been altered or tampered with will be considered null and void, and the guest holding that Guest Pass will be required to immediately vacate the Lasell campus and their Lasell student host may be held responsible for a violation of the college's visitation policy
  8. guests may not be in a resident's room unless the resident is present
  9. residents may not lend residence hall keys or access cards to guests in order that they may enter a building on their own
  10. any guest bringing a vehicle to Lasell College must register it with the Lasell College Campus Police, at the Campus Police office, lower level of Winslow Hall; the Lasell student host and his/her guest must both be present in order for the guest to obtain a Guest Permit; before being issued a Guest Permit, the guest is required to present his/her driver's license and vehicle registration; short-term permits (up to three nights) are free.

As members of the Lasell College community, Lasell students are required to have a Lasell College ID and to carry that ID with them at all times. The Lasell College ID is a student's official College identification. Students must produce their Lasell College ID whenever requested by any member of the college community. Lasell students who do not produce an ID upon request may be denied entrance into, or be asked to leave, a residential building. Similarly, guests on the campus must produce a "Guest Pass" on the appropriate nights, whenever that request is made by any member of the college community.

Resident students are fully responsible for the actions of their guests, and must insure that guests conduct themselves in ways consistent with the policies of the college. Resident students will be held accountable for any policy violations perpetrated by their guests.

Lasell resident students living in single, double, triple or quad rooms in residence halls or houses may have no more than 8 individuals in their room at any one time. Lasell resident students living in suite-style residence halls (including: Bragdon, Butterworth, and Forest) may have no more than 20 individuals in their suite at any one time.

At a minimum, the college will observe the following sanctioning guidelines regarding violations of the Visitation Policy (including: not registering guests during the times outlined above; attempting to register more than two guests; not escorting one's guests; exceeding the occupancy limits noted above):

  • a first violation of the Visitation Policy will result, at a minimum, in a $50 fine and a 30-day suspension of guest privileges;
  • a second violation of the Visitation Policy within a year of a first violation, will result, at a minimum, in a $100 fine and a 90-day suspension of guest privileges;
  • a third violation of the Visitation Policy within a year of two previous violations, will result, at a minimum, in a $200 fine and the likely revocation of housing privileges.

Revisions adopted on November 13, 2003; and February 1, 2010