Residential Operations


Resident students will be issued a combination of the following keys, depending on their assigned residence hall room:   room key, suite key, and exterior door key.  Many larger buildings have card swipe access, using the student's college identification card.  Keys are for resident student use only, and they may not be lent to anyone, including roommates and guests.  College IDs or any other identification should not be attached to keys, to assist with the security of the building should the keys be lost or stolen.

Lost Keys:  If a student loses his/her room, suite, exterior door key or access card, he/she will be responsible for the replacement of each new key ($50 cost per key/access card).

Stolen Keys:  If a student's room or suite key is stolen, he/she must meet with the Coordinator of Housing Operations, who will determine if the door lock should be changed.  The student will be responsible for the expense of the new lock and keys for him/her and any roommate(s).  

If a student's key to a building's front door is stolen, that must be reported immediately to the Coordinator of Housing Operations, and if that individual is not available, the student should contact the AC on duty or Campus Police.  It will be determined whether the front door lock should be changed for the building.  The student may be held responsible for the cost of the new lock and for the cost of making new keys for all of the residents of the building.

Keys Found:  After paying for a replacement key, if a student finds the original key within two (2) weeks, a credit for the replacement cost will be posted to the student's account with the Office of Student Accounts.




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