Policies and Issues of General Conduct

Lasell College is committed to creating an environment that fosters student growth and development. The quality of life at Lasell is directly tied to the actions of the members of the community, and their mutual respect and consideration. Members of the Lasell College community are expected to:

  • Contribute to the creation of an environment that supports learning, personal development, and civil discourse;
  • Honor the rights of others to work and live in the Lasell College community without concern for verbal or physical abuse, or the threat thereof;
  • Respect the differences inherent in the diversity of our community members; and
  • Commit to behaving in ways that acknowledge the dignity of each individual.

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Fire Regulations/Arson

When a fire alarm is sounded in any building on campus, the building MUST be evacuated IMMEDIATELY. Any individual refusing / failing to vacate a building during a fire alarm will be subject to disciplinary action. Fire extinguishers are installed in pre-determined locations and must remain where mounted except in the case of a fire. At no time may fire extinguishers be used to prop doors open. Tampering with fire extinguishers, fire protection equipment such as smoke detectors, or fire exits, is a criminal offense and will result in disciplinary action, a fine and possible criminal action. Blocking fire doors or activating door alarms will also result in disciplinary action and possible fine.

Each residence hall is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in all hallways. Resident students are urged to take the following precautions:

  1. In advance:
    1. Become familiar with fire equipment, fire exits and evacuation procedures
    2. Keep rooms and lounges free of fire hazards
    3. Report all damaged or inoperable fire equipment to your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator
  2. In case of fire:
    1. Sound the nearest alarm
    2. Evacuate the building
    3. Keep driveway clear and stay at least 100 feet from the building
    4. Do not re-enter the building until it has been cleared by the fire department or Campus Police
  3. To prevent fires, students must refrain from the following:
    1. Overloading electrical circuits
    2. Covering smoke detectors
    3. Blocking fire doors or propping fire doors open
  4. The following are prohibited:
    1. Storing or possessing internal-combustion engines of any kind in any campus building
    2. Storing or possessing flammable liquids of any kind
    3. Storing or possessing propane tanks or propane grills inside of any campus building
    4. Using or possessing candles, incense, etc.
    5. Using interior decorations (including live Christmas trees, wreaths or roping) that do not meet fire and safety codes

Students are permitted to cook in approved cooking areas in the residence halls. Students are also permitted to bring and use microwave ovens in approved areas and/or in their residence rooms. With these privileges comes responsibility. Students who choose to cook, or use a microwave to heat or reheat food items, must monitor the items they are cooking at all times, and remain in the room where the cooking devices are being used. If a cooking device or microwave is unattended and causes the activation of the building's fire alarm, the individual who was cooking will likely be held responsible for any costs incurred in relation to the fire alarm activation.

In the interest of public safety, incidents involving damage or misuse of alarm systems or protection equipment will not be condoned. In a residential building, if no individual can be determined to be responsible for a misuse of an alarm system, all of the residents of the hall will be held financially responsible for any costs associated with the violation. False alarms endanger the residents of a building, as well as the public and the firefighters who respond to the incident. Individuals found responsible for a malicious false alarm will be referred to the college's conduct system, and may face the loss of housing privileges (in the case of a residential student) and / or suspension from the college. Persons responsible for these activities may also face criminal prosecution.

Students are not to be on, or use, fire escapes except in cases of emergency. Property may not be stored on fire escapes, and fire exits onto fire escapes are to be kept closed at all times but for emergencies.

Acts of arson are considered intolerable in that they jeopardize life and/or property. Persons found responsible for such activities (including trash fires, lighting of bulletin boards or door decorations) within the Lasell community will be referred to the judicial system and face the loss of housing privileges (in the case of a residential student) and/or suspension from the college. Persons responsible for these activities may also face criminal prosecution.




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