Policies and Issues of General Conduct

Lasell College is committed to creating an environment that fosters student growth and development. The quality of life at Lasell is directly tied to the actions of the members of the community, and their mutual respect and consideration. Members of the Lasell College community are expected to:

  • Contribute to the creation of an environment that supports learning, personal development, and civil discourse;
  • Honor the rights of others to work and live in the Lasell College community without concern for verbal or physical abuse, or the threat thereof;
  • Respect the differences inherent in the diversity of our community members; and
  • Commit to behaving in ways that acknowledge the dignity of each individual.

Policies and Issues of General Conduct Continued...

Alcohol and Other Drug Policies

College Property

Care of college property and facilities is a responsibility of all college community members. Students will be held accountable for the damage, defacement, destruction or theft of any college property, or property belonging to approved vendors or guests of the college. Students will likewise be held accountable for any littering of the campus for which they are responsible. Students may not relocate college belongings (e.g. furniture, equipment) without specific written permission. Students are expected to respect the integrity of all college owned or operated buildings and spaces within buildings; and only enter those areas where, and when, they are clearly permitted to do so. Students are also expected to respect the property rights of all members of the college community. Students will be held accountable for the damage, defacement, destruction or theft of any property belonging to a member of the Lasell community or a guest thereof. In addition to paying appropriate restitution for damaged or stolen property, students who are found to be responsible for violations of this policy will also be subject to disciplinary action, and may have sanctions imposed including, but not limited to: monetary fines; community or conduct probation; and revocation of housing privileges.

Communication Policy

Conduct System

Fire Regulations/Arson




Health Risks Associated with Alcohol and Drugs

Lasell Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems

Lasell College Non-Discrimination Policy

Lasell College Sexual Misconduct Policy

Life-threatening Situations

Sexual Assault

Smoking Policy