Policies and Issues of General Conduct

Lasell College is committed to creating an environment that fosters student growth and development. The quality of life at Lasell is directly tied to the actions of the members of the community, and their mutual respect and consideration. Members of the Lasell College community are expected to:

  • Contribute to the creation of an environment that supports learning, personal development, and civil discourse;
  • Honor the rights of others to work and live in the Lasell College community without concern for verbal or physical abuse, or the threat thereof;
  • Respect the differences inherent in the diversity of our community members; and
  • Commit to behaving in ways that acknowledge the dignity of each individual.

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Sexual Assault

The term "sexual assault" in Massachusetts State law refers to the crimes of rape, and indecent assault and battery. Rape is defined as having sexual intercourse or unnatural sexual intercourse with a person without clear consent of the person, and through the use of force or the threat of force. Indecent assault and battery is defined as physical contact of a sexual nature with a person without the clear consent of the person.

Both women and men may be the victims of sexual assault. The assailant may be a stranger, but in many instances victims know their assailants and may currently be, or at one time have been, involved in a relationship with the assailant.

When someone has been sexually assaulted ...
Of first concern are the immediate needs of the victim. The physical well-being of the victim is very important. A victim may have been bruised or suffered internal injuries; and/or may have been exposed to one or more sexually transmitted diseases; and/or may have been at risk of being impregnated. Victims should be encouraged to seek medical attention as soon after the assault as possible. On campus, the medical professionals on the Health Services staff are available to provide assistance during normal business hours (617-243-2216); off campus, students may seek 24-hour professional medical care at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Emergency Room (617-243-6193). Campus Police are available 24 hours a day to transport any student who has been sexually assaulted to the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Emergency Room.

If the assault has occurred very recently, there may be physical evidence present that can be collected. The collection of physical evidence does not require a victim to pursue criminal or civil charges through the courts; however, should that decision be made at some point in the future, having the physical evidence collected can be important in future legal proceedings. The staff at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Emergency Room is trained to collect whatever physical evidence may be present following a sexual assault. If the assault has occurred within the last several hours, victims should refrain from bathing, douching or removing their clothing as these actions could destroy evidence. It is advised that the victim bring a change of clothing with her/him to the Hospital or Health Services.

Regardless of how recently the assault took place, victims most often find themselves experiencing a vast array of emotional responses. It is common for victims of sexual assault to feel frightened, angry, nervous, sad, and distanced from those around them. Victims may find themselves experiencing changes in their sleeping and eating patterns, and having difficulty focusing on their normal, daily routine. On campus, the professionals in the Counseling Center are available to provide confidential assistance during normal business hours (617-243-2145); and the professional staff members in the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Residential Life are also available. Off campus, students may seek 24-hour assistance from the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Hot Line (617-492-7273).

If a victim wishes to pursue charges ...
There are various options available. A victim may wish to report the sexual assault to the Newton Police Department, to the Middlesex District Attorney's Office, or to the Lasell College Campus Police.

On campus, a victim may begin the reporting process by speaking with a member of the Campus Police staff (617-243-2279). If a victim would prefer to speak with a female Campus Police officer, s/he may so request. The Campus Police officers have received specialized training in how to respond to a reported sexual assault, and the contents of the report will be kept confidential. Identifying information about the victim is protected under Massachusetts law. Off campus, a victim may contact the Office for Victims' Assistance through the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office (617-494-4050) or may choose to file a complaint with the Newton Police Department. In the last instance, if desired, a victim can request to be escorted to Newton Police by a member of the Lasell College Campus Police staff (617-243-2279).

Victims may choose to press charges through the criminal justice system and/or the College's conduct system (if the assailant is a member of the Lasell College student body). If a victim wants to pursue a complaint through the conduct system, s/he should begin that process by contacting the College’s Title IX Coordinator, at 617-243-2137.

For support and guidance at this confusing time ...
It is strongly suggested that a victim speak with someone who they trust. After being assaulted, sometimes it is hard to make decisions and to remember all the information that has been given to you ... and try to sort through it. Staff members in the Counseling Center and Health Services, and in the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, are all available to help a victim to deal with the many issues and reactions they may be encountering, as well as provide information that can assist in making whatever decisions s/he may face.

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