Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking at Lasell College is under the control of the Department of Public Safety. The Campus Police offices are located on the first level of Winslow Hall, 80 Maple Street; the telephone number is 617-243-2279 (or extension 2279 in the College system). Parking at Lasell College is a privilege, not a right. Students found in violation of any College policy, rule or regulation may have their parking privileges revoked by the Director of Public Safety; this is in addition to any other sanctions that may be issued to a student. Any student who receives six or more tickets for parking violations will have their parking permit revoked by the Director of Public Safety. Any student who receives six or more parking violations, will not be eligible for a parking permit for a period of one year.

Vehicle Operation on Campus
Vehicles are only permitted to operate on proper streets and in parking lots. Driving and parking is prohibited on fields, grass, or walking paths. Drivers must obey all traffic laws, and operate their vehicles in a safe manner at all times while on Lasell College property. Operating vehicles in an unsafe manner may result in the revocation of parking privileges and / or possible criminal complaints. Students may not drive on the Emergency Vehicle Access road that connects the Central and Valentine parking lots. Neither mopeds nor mini-bikes are permitted on or in Lasell College property at any time.

2015-2015 Rules and Regulations

Parking Information

Parking Permits

Any commuting student may obtain a parking permit. For returning resident students, parking permits are issued through a "lottery by academic class" priority-ranking system. First-year, resident students are not normally allowed to obtain a parking permit. First-year resident students with special, extenuating circumstances may request a parking permit, documenting the reasons for the request, in writing; the written request should be addressed to the Director of Public Safety. A limited number of spaces may be available for transfer, resident students. Students bringing their own vehicle to campus, (or one registered to a family member), must register the vehicle with Campus Police. All students must complete the proper paperwork, pay the appropriate fee, obtain a parking permit, and observe all rules and regulations for vehicles on campus. A student's vehicle must be properly registered and insured in the student's home state in order to be permitted to remain on College property. Unregistered and/or uninsured vehicles are subject to immediate ticketing and towing.

Any individual who alters a permit, or is found in possession of a counterfeit or altered parking sticker, may be subject to criminal prosecution, temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges, and fines in the amount up to the cost of a full-year permit.

Parking Fees

A $100 non-refundable parking deposit is required of all students applying for a parking permit, and the remaining fee amount must be paid in full prior to the issuance of a parking permit. Parking fees may be paid by the semester or the year. Within a semester, no refund of parking fees will be made to a student who leaves the college or no longer has a vehicle on campus. If applicable, parking fees will be refunded, upon request, to a student who terminates parking prior to the beginning of an academic semester.

Designated Student Parking
Commuter and resident students are issued permits allowing them to park in a specific lot. The assigned lot is the only lot in which a student may park his/her vehicle.

Commuter Students
All commuters will be issued a commuter parking permit. Commuters may park in the designated commuter lots during daytime or evening hours. For the 2015-2016 academic year the commuter lots include: Central, and Upper and Lower Winslow. This permit does not allow for overnight parking. If on occasion a commuting student wishes to park his/her vehicle on campus overnight, that student must notify the Campus Police and let them know that the vehicle will be parked in a designated commuter lot. This will insure that a parking ticket will not be issued that night.

Resident Students
Students residing in college housing who are eligible to have their cars registered on campus, will be issued resident parking permits that designate the lot to which they are assigned. Students may only park in their assigned lots. Parking permits must be displayed on your vehicle at all time while it is parked on campus. Failure to properly display your permit may result in your vehicle being ticketed.

Transferring Permits
Students are not permitted to transfer their permit to another student. If a student no longer requires their permit they must notify Campus Police by sending an email to notifying them that they no longer require a permit.

Temporary Medical Permits
Temporary medical permits may be obtained from Campus Police. An individual wishing to obtain a temporary medical permit must submit written documentation from a medical doctor, explaining the need for a medical permit and the duration that it is required. Campus Police staff, in consultation with the Director of Health Services, will review applications for medical permits, and a determination will be made as to their issuance. Temporary medical permits DO NOT allow individuals to park in handicap-only parking spaces. Students must have a handicap plate or placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in their home states, in order to make use these spots.

Temporary Parking Permits
Students bringing a vehicle to campus for one week or less may obtain temporary parking permits. Permits must be obtained for overnight parking. Students must register the vehicle upon arrival at the campus, or they will be subject to ticketing and towing. Temporary permits may be purchased at Campus Police until 1 am. Temporary permits may be limited at the discretion of Campus Police. The fees for student temporary permits are: 1-3 days = $3; 4-7 days = $5. No temporary permits may exceed 7 days. Students are normally restricted to two Temporary Permits per semester.

Lost or Stolen Parking Permits
If a permit is lost or stolen, a request must be made for a duplicate permit. Lost or stolen permits must be reported to Campus Police, and a Lost/Stolen Permit Form must be completed before a new permit can be issued. A $5 fee will be charged for a duplicate/replacement permit.

New Vehicles
If a student changes vehicles, he/she must obtain a new permit from Campus Police. The cost for the replacement permit is $5.