Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking at Lasell College is under the control of the Department of Public Safety. The Campus Police offices are located on the first level of Winslow Hall, 80 Maple Street; the telephone number is 617-243-2279 (or extension 2279 in the College system). Parking at Lasell College is a privilege, not a right. Students found in violation of any College policy, rule or regulation may have their parking privileges revoked by the Director of Public Safety; this is in addition to any other sanctions that may be issued to a student. Any student who receives six or more tickets for parking violations will have their parking permit revoked by the Director of Public Safety. Any student who receives six or more parking violations, will not be eligible for a parking permit for a period of one year.

Vehicle Operation on Campus
Vehicles are only permitted to operate on proper streets and in parking lots. Driving and parking is prohibited on fields, grass, or walking paths. Drivers must obey all traffic laws, and operate their vehicles in a safe manner at all times while on Lasell College property. Operating vehicles in an unsafe manner may result in the revocation of parking privileges and / or possible criminal complaints. Students may not drive on the Emergency Vehicle Access road that connects the Central and Valentine parking lots. Neither mopeds nor mini-bikes are permitted on or in Lasell College property at any time.

2015-2015 Rules and Regulations

Parking Information

No Parking Zones/Areas
Any vehicle found in the following areas will be subject to immediate ticketing and/or towing:

  • Fire lanes
  • Handicap spaces, unless you have a handicap plate or placard
  • Bus Parking Only
  • Any field, area of grass, or walking path
  • Any driveway of a residence hall, classroom or administrative building
  • Any area reserved for Faculty/Staff
  • Any city street adjacent to the Lasell Campus
  • Any area that has a No Parking or a No Student Parking sign

Faculty/Staff Only Parking
The following areas are designated as Faculty/Staff parking only. If a student's vehicle is found parked in any of these areas it will be subject to immediate ticketing and towing:

  • Valentine/Athletic Center/Woodland Lot; there is no student parking allowed in any area of this lot for any amount of time; the lot includes the area from the entrance on Woodland Road near Case House to the exit near Woodland Hall.
  • Holway/Haskell Lot
  • Any other areas that are posted as Faculty/Staff Parking

Temporary Parking Areas
There are NO temporary parking areas or spaces for students at Lasell College. If a student needs to park their vehicle for a limited time in an area for which they do not have a permit, they must notify Campus Police at ext. 2279 prior to parking their vehicle. An officer will advise them of where to park and the vehicle must be moved within the designated time period or it will be subject to ticketing. Students who arrive at their assigned lot and find all of the parking spaces taken, MUST notify Campus Police immediately. They will advise the student where to park until spaces in the assigned lot can be made available. Students MUST NOT take it upon themselves to park in another lot, as they will be subject to being ticketed and towed. Activating one's emergency flashers while parked illegally will not prevent a ticket from being issued.

Guest Parking
All guests visiting Lasell College must register their vehicle with the Lasell College Police. Vehicles may be registered and a Guest Permit may be obtained from Campus Police at any hour. The student and the guest must both be present to obtain the permit. The student is required to present their Lasell ID, and the guest is required to present their driver's license and vehicle registration. Short-term permits (up to three nights) are free.

*Please note that guests, while on Lasell College property, are the responsibility of the Lasell student. The host Lasell student is responsible for all fines or towing charges incurred. Failure to register guest vehicles will result in a ticket and tow of the vehicles at the student's expense.

Parking Permits