Conduct System

Lasell College Conduct System addresses alleged student violations of the non-academic policies and procedures detailed in the Student Handbook.

The College will not protect students who violate local, state or federal laws from prosecution by the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The College may choose to proceed with its conduct review process regardless of any off-campus legal actions that are in progress, and whether or not the alleged offender chooses to take part in the campus conduct hearing.

The College reserves the right to take immediate action prior to the convening of a conduct hearing under the following circumstances: a) to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the College community or preservation of College property; b) to ensure the student's own physical or emotional safety and well-being; c) if the student poses a definite threat of disruption of or interference with the normal operations of the College; d) if it is alleged that the student has engaged in a serious violation of College policy and/or local, state or federal laws. Such interim action shall remain in effect until the hearing process has been completed. The requisite notice and hearing process shall follow as soon as it is possible.

Structure of the Conduct System


Appeals Process

A student may appeal the decisions rendered in the Conduct System only if: 1) due process has not been observed; 2) new information has been identified that would significantly influence the case; and/or 3) the sanctions imposed are deemed to be inappropriately harsh. Appeals must be made in writing within five business days of receipt of the letter relating the outcome of the administrative hearing. Students will be informed in writing as to the status of their appeal. If an appeal is granted, the Vice President of Student Affairs (or her designee), or the President (or his designee), may require a meeting with the student submitting the appeal before rendering his/her final decision. NOTE: sanctions take effect immediately unless otherwise specified; if a sanction is successfully appealed the change takes effect at the time that decision is communicated in writing to the student.

Conduct System Advisor

Parental Notification