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The Lasell Campus Police Department provides professional officers to protect and patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Campus Police Office can be reached by calling extension 2269 for non-emergency business. The emergency line is extension 2279.

The safety of our community rests with all of us. Campus security depends on the reporting of any suspicious behavior any member of the community might happen to detect. Problems can be prevented if Campus Police is contacted whenever one detects suspicious behavior or individuals. The best security is prevention. Students are urged to travel in groups of at least two, especially at night, and to make use of the campus shuttle. Residential students are encouraged to lock their rooms, keep careful track of keys, and never prop residence hall doors open. Residence halls are only as safe as the most careless resident.

There are emergency telephones located throughout the campus. These telephones will automatically connect the caller with Campus Police. They are located:

  1. Central Parking Lot
  2. Main entrance to Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center
  3. 1851 entrance to Edwards Student Center
  4. Plaza at Van Winkle Hall
  5. Entrance to Woodland Hall
  6. Blodgett Green
  7. Campus Center Front Entrance
  8. Wass Plaza, at the main entrance
  9. Adjacent to McClelland Fitness Center near East/West Quad
  10. East-West Garage Complex
  11. Entrance road to Valentine Hall/Athletic Center
  12. Arnow Campus Center Garage Complex
  13. McClelland Main Entrance
  14. East Hall Main Entrance
  15. West Hall Main Entrance
  16. North Hall Garage Complex
  17. Butterwoth/Bragdon/North Hall Courtyard

Familiarity with the exact locations of these telephones can help to hasten the response time in an emergency.

Lasell College utilizes a video camera system that is designed to enhance security and personal safety throughout the campus. It is important to keep in mind that no camera system alone can guarantee the safety and security of the community, but cameras can be useful in assisting Campus Police and other law enforcement officials in protecting college property, deterring crime, preventing vandalism, and facilitating investigations. The system monitors and records video images only; no audio is captured or recorded by any part of the camera system. Cameras may be found in many public areas around campus including parking areas, classroom and office buildings, and residential halls.
Winslow Hall, x2269/x2279

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