Programs and Events

Career Skills Workshops
Resume Workshop: How to Market yourself to American Employers
This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Office of Career Services.  It covers resume writing rules and techniques!  Each student receives a resume writing information packet and learns step by step instructions for constructing an "American" resume. Students who already have a resume are asked to please bring a copy to the workshop.

Interviewing in the United States
This workshop focuses on interviewing techniques.  What are American employers expecting?  What are some typical interview questions?  What are some cultural differences you may encounter when interviewing for a job in the United States. 

Networking 101
Making connections is critical for anyone who wants to find professional opportunities, however it can be a daunting process, especially in a new country! This workshop will discuss strategies and resources for networking with American professionals.

CPT Information Sessions
CPT information sessions cover what type of employment is considered CPT, what is required in order to receive CPT authorization, when students must seek authorization for CPT, and what the rules and regulations are for CPT.  Since all majors at Lasell have an internship requirement, all international students at Lasell will need to receive CPT authorization at some point during their time at Lasell.

OPT Information Sessions
These information sessions cover eligibility, timing of the application, deadlines and the application process.  Applying for OPT can be a fairly easy process, as long as you follow the simple steps that the Office of International Services outlines in these information sessions!

Life After OPT: Nonimmigrant Visa Options
Immigration Attorney, Bennett Savitz of Savitz Law Offices, P.C. in Boston presents on the types of work visas available to F-1 Visa holders after their OPT is completed. Come learn about the different types of visas that exist and how to apply and obtain these visas.

Lunch & Learn Series (for Graduate Students Only)
The Lunch and Learn series is offerred in collabotation with the Office of Graduate Student Services.  A series of luncheons will be offerred each semester during which a variety of topics ranging from ADA citation to Time Management Skills to Securing an Internship will be discussed.  Graduate students are invited to enjoy lunch, listen to a presenter speak, and have a roundtable discussion with other graduate students. 

News Highlight

State Board of Higher Education Approves New Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice  Wednesday, December 17, 2014The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education has approved a new Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Lasell that will offer students multiple concentrations in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Violence Prevention and Advocacy as well as a flexible Criminal Justice option. The online program launches in Fall 2015.

Featured Event

Colored Girls Hustle  Wednesday, October 29, 2014Yamawaki Auditorium