Job Search

Basic TIPS

  • Before you can look for a job, you need to know what you want
  • Being open to anything is a very ineffective way to look for a job
  • Identify what job function you want to perform & what industry you want to work in to help target your search
  • Find a particular passion or mission that you believe in

10 Steps in a Job Search

1. Determine your goals

6. Schedule informational interviews

2. Prepare your resume

7. Join a professional association

3. Create an action plan

8. Research

4. Search job advertisements

9. Target employers

5. Network

10. Send unsolicited resumes

Top Effective Job Search Strategies

Strategy 1:  Search for Job Postings 5%

  • Newspapers:  i.e.
  • Online Job Banks:
  • Job Fairs

Strategy 2:  Networking 75%

  • Networking simply means talking to people about your career goals and spreading the word about your experiences
  • 70-90% of jobs are found via networking
  • Be specific about what you are looking for and how others can help
  • Create a 30 second introduction with goals, skills, and background
  • DO NOT ask for a job
  • Send a Thank You note referencing something you discussed, i.e. "Your suggestion to... was excellent"
  • Most people will be flattered by the request for help and love to talk about what they do, so do not worry about intruding.
  • Attend events for general and specific fields, including networking events and professional organizations
  • Prepare a 30 second introduction about your goals, skills, and background
  • Talk with many employers and collect business cards

Strategy 3:  Target Employers 15%

  • Think about what industry or field you would like to work in when you graduate
  • Identify the companies or organizations within that industry that appeal to you, whether it is a major player or a smaller, family-owned business
  • Create a target list of the top 10-20 places you want to work
  • Check the company websites weekly for open positions
  • Look under Human Resources, Employment, Personnel, or Jobs
  • Use your network to find someone who works for that company
  • Contact the company to see about future opportunities if you do not find any openings

Strategy 4:  Temporary/Employment Agencies 5%

  • Should be free
  • Sign up with more than one
  • You may be placed at different companies each day.  This can be a benefit because you will get exposure to many office environments and businesses

News Highlight

Lasell College to go Test Optional for Fall 2017 Admission  Tuesday, August 2, 2016After careful deliberation, Lasell College has announced it will go "test-optional" beginning with applications for admission to the 2017 Fall semester. The College will no longer require prospective students to submit SAT or ACT scores.

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