Facilities & Services

Grellier Field was rededicated to Lasell College alum and donor, Nancy Curtis Grellier ‘49, on April 1st, 2006. A generous donation by the Grelliers supported the installation of FieldTurf on Grellier Field. Nancy is pictured below with her husband Bill and members of the field hockey, and men's and women's lacrosse teams.

Lasell College student athletes compete and practice on two NCAA regulation fields and in the Athletic Center. All facilites are located on the Lasell campus.

The men's and women's soccer team and the softball team compete on Taylor Field located directly behind the Athletic Center. Taylor field is a regulation soccer and softball field with a grass playing surface and a skinned infield.

The basketball and volleyball teams compete and practice in the Athletic Center located in the center of campus. The Athletic Center houses a new state-of-the-art hardwood playing surface for basketball and volleyball, an overhead track, locker rooms, administrative offices, a dance/aerobics studio and a team meeting room. The gymnasium is open and staffed over 80 hours/week and is available for general student use when not reserved for a varsity practice or competition.

One of Lasell's fitness center's is located directly across from the Athletic Center. It is 2,000 square feet of space that has been remodeled and filled with new cardio machines, free weights and fitness equipment. The fitness center, which is open to the entire Lasell Community, is staffed by CPR certified students over 85 hours/week.

The new fitness center is located in McClelland Hall overlooking the courtyard between the new East & West Halls. It is over 2,000 square feet of space that was renovated and filled with new cardio machines, free weights, and fitness equipment in the Fall of 2009. The fitness center is open to the entire Lasell Community for over 85 hours per week and is staffed by CPR-certified students.

Lasell College also has two athletic training rooms. The main training room is located on the first floor of the Suites Residence Hall on Forest Avenue. The training room is state of the art and is open to student-athletes daily for rehab and for pre and post-game treatment. The auxillary training room is located on the first floor of the Athletic Center and is used primarily for game prep for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball.