Greetings from Vice President for Academic Affairs

At Lasell College we believe in and want to do everything we can to support your son’s or daughter’s academic success! This is what our small classes, close relationships with a great faculty, and hands-on, project focused approach to education are all about. We call our educational philosophy “Connected Learning” - it is centered upon the belief that students will work harder in their courses, and they will have a better chance of academic success, if they are engaged and interested in what they are learning. Connected Learning means that students participate in activities that link course material directly to what is relevant to them in their personal life and the world around them. Connected Learning means that education should matter to the student at every moment, both for its later rewards as well as for understanding and contributing to the world right now.

Connected Learning also creates a sense of innovation and adventure among students and faculty, since they are always embarking on new projects and activities from course to course, semester to semester. This could mean anything from Athletic Training and Sport Management students interning in Division I training rooms or researching sponsorships for ESPN, to Communication students preparing public service announcements for the student-run Lasell radio station or collaborating with Graphic design, Business, and Fashion students on the next issue of Polished, a publication that focuses on fashion, art, culture, and all things Boston. Perhaps it involves Education students working with kids in the local schools as well as in our on-site child care centers or students from across the curriculum involved in readings and discussions in preparation for the January interim program in Mexico.

I invite you to further explore academics and Connected Learning at Lasell by clicking the links on this page. By the way, we celebrate and showcase the results of students’ Connected Learning projects at our annual Connected Learning Symposium, held during the final week of classes. We hope you can join us!

James Ostrow
Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Lasell Offers Condolences to Family of Alumna Killed in Mississippi  Friday, August 26, 2016Lasell officials have offered condolences to the family of Lasell alumna Sister Paula Merrill ’78 of Holmes County, Mississippi who was found dead in her home, along with Sister Margaret Held, on Thursday morning. Both were members of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth order.

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