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The Business of Great

Four alumni discuss how their study of business at Lasell prepared them for success

The Business of Great

Traditional business is all about finding return on investment. Yet, in today's modern landscape, there are many factors that can make a business - and one's career in the field - a successful endeavor beyond the bottom line. Sustainability, local community impact, a thirst for innovation, and a deep sense of responsibility form a core of intangible values that root themselves within the study of business at Lasell.

For our students and alumni in the field, ROI is not solely about building their resume or growing their numbers. It's about adding intent to their career and to their company's goals. From accounting to entrepreneurship to finance and international business, students at Lasell develop the skills and the mindset needed to add value to their communities and think critically about the future of business and their place in the industry. They learn how to hone their passion, find their purpose, and earn a living infused with meaning.

The study of business at Lasell translates into a pathway of opportunities - for whether you're focused on fashion,marketing, sport management, or hospitality, the applications of core skills in finance, accounting, and organizational management, for example, all play a critical role in one's success. Many business practices cannot be taught by theory alone, making Lasell's foundation in connected learning a must-have for an applied understanding of how the industry functions before entering the workforce. It is this curricular cornerstone that has provided our alumni with the insight, intention, and instinct needed in such a dynamic and opportunistic industry. They're not just in the business of doing good business - they're in the business of doing great.

Patrick Slight

Patrick Slight '13
Vendor Manager, Amazon
Major: Entrepreneurship

"The skills that you learn at Lasell can be applied well beyond campus and the classroom. The best traits I have as a businessperson are the ones that can't be measured: the ability to be open minded, to disagree while exchanging ideas, and to work with vendors in a way that is favorable to all parties. You can only learn that from experience, and I was lucky to get that through entrepreneurship courses that helped me look at multiple perspectives of a business. My final project in one class had me develop a full business plan to be reviewed by a panel of experts. Their feedback provided me with tangible steps I could use in the future and positioned me to express my ideas and articulate them in a way that brought something new to the conversation."


Valentina Hernandez '09 G'16
Project Manager, Change Management, Santander Bank
Major: International Business | MBA, Graduate & Professional Studies

"Business offers a broad spectrum of areas to study, so you have to understand how to make practical use of the information you're learning. My professors at Lasell taught me how to apply my coursework in the real world, and that was a huge differentiator. My student internship turned into my full-time job thanks to my knowledge and experience from Lasell. I came back to pursue my MBA [formerly the PMBA], which enabled me to interact online with other working professionals in all areas of business. Their working styles and company environments brought a new level of learning to the program. Before I graduated, I was offered my current role - on another team within the same company - as a result of pursuing my MBA and started immediately after completing the program."

Valentina Hernandez


Katelyn Malinowski Roberts

Katelyn Robert Malinowski '10 G'11
Business Analyst, Global Business Unit Operations, Oracle
Major: Marketing | Master of Science in Management, Graduate & Professional Studies

"I love digging into data and finding ways to package information for different audiences. Lasell helped me explore multiple sides of business, and the five-year program was a no-brainer in terms of moving my career forward. Connected learning gave me an edge while I was interviewing, since I got to experience aspects of marketing and business all through my own eyes. Those hands-on interactions forced me to think creatively and to come up with my own ideas to contribute. In marketing operations, I work on training, reporting, data accuracy, and process documentation, so these skills have come full circle for me. Lasell gave me the confidence to evolve, so I'm always looking for new ways to grow, both personally and professionally in my role at Oracle."


Manuel Alves '15
Senior Associate, Finance Specialist, State Street
Major: Finance

"There's a sense of growth and opportunity in the Boston business community. I started at State Street after graduation and worked my way up from a contractor position, with more room to advance as I grow within the company. I had always dreamed of working there, and when I got into my interview, I was very visibly nervous. The hiring manager told me to relax, since my resume reflected a great background and education. I apply lessons from my Lasell classes in statement analysis, investments, capital markets, and accounting in my daily work. That background, coupled with my internship experience - which taught me how to manage my time, work with groups, and be professional and proactive - meant that I could continue to gain knowledge on the job with a solid foundation."

Manuel Alves

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