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Moving Forward

The Campaign for Lasell College Proceeds

As In Pursuit of Great: The Campaign for Lasell College proceeds, its impact is being felt all over campus. A celebration of the mission and values of the College, the Campaign is designed to move Lasell forward in several key ways: by creating much-needed additional academic space for faculty and students; by providing a welcoming venue in which to receive guests of the College; by strengthening Lasell's endowment to support scholarships for those in financial need; and by creating innovative ways to reduce the cost of a college education. With the Campaign now entering its public phase, Leaves asked four members of the Lasell community-a professor, an undergraduate, an Alumni Relations director and a Plant Operations professional-to comment on how they expect the Campaign to impact their particular Lasell experience. Their enthusiastic feedback follows.

Great Opportunities
Innovative Academic Programs  

Kimberly Andrews '19
History Major  

I took advantage of Lasell's pilot Sophomore Alternative Semester option. The discounted tuition provided a valuable financial break for my family, and the different learning environment provided an interesting challenge for me. I'm a commuter student and work five days a week as a restaurant hostess, so being able to take classes online was a great fit for my busy schedule. At first, I wasn't sure if not being in a physical classroom would hinder my academic performance. Once I settled in, I discovered that I liked learning through online discussions. And, I made Dean's List, which was awesome!


Aiding Great
Campaign Scholarship Committee  

Wayne Lamoreaux
Director of Plant Operations and Sustainability

I joined the Campaign Scholarship Committee in order to help grow the endowment and, with donor support, meet the full financial needs of every student. Alumni, parents, faculty, staff and other friends are creating scholarships in several forms that impact young lives today and the world at large. We believe an educated citizenry is the heart of "great." Support from the Campaign will also allow us to continue to be a leader among area colleges in reducing our carbon footprint while improving infrastructure management and mechanical efficiencies (like the new high-efficiency boiler shown here) that benefit the entire community.


Great Welcomes
President's Residence and Hospitality Center  

Lauren McCauslin G'17
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving  

We are so excited for the opening of the new President's Residence and Hospitality Center this Fall, which will offer a warm and inviting space for alumni, parents and friends of the College to gather, learn and celebrate our community. In addition to hosting our popular Presidential Speaker Series lectures, the new facility will provide the perfect setting to welcome alumni back for Reunion. As many in our community know, event space on campus is very limited. The new entertaining space will provide a venue to foster existing relationships within the Lasell family as well as create an impressive setting in which to introduce new people to the College.    


Discover Great
New Science and Technology Center

Monica Hall-Porter, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology

As we continue in pursuit of "great" at Lasell, I am extremely excited about the construction of the new Science and Technology Center. The facility will enable us to capitalize on three very important opportunities. First, we will be able to offer additional and enhanced biological sciences courses which will expand our capacity to offer degrees in the biological sciences. Second, this state-of-the-art facility will give us heightened ability to deliver on our educational philosophy of Connected Learning. Last, this Center will provide a bright, fresh learning environment where students will be able to excel in their chosen academic endeavors.

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