The Pursuit That Never Sleeps

Letter to the Lasell College Community

President Michael B. AlexanderMichael B. Alexander, President

Dear Members of the Lasell College Community,

It is easy to reflect back on the past as a collection of fond memories of our glorious youth. Yet, doing things the easy way has never been a hallmark of our success. The Pursuit of Great is the pursuit of change. It is the ability to look inward, to affirm our sense of self, and to refine and grow the layers of knowledge that make Lasell and our nation - and each of you - a beacon of opportunity.

We are two years into The Campaign for Lasell College and have entered the most exciting part yet - seeing change before our eyes. It is this final push to the finish line, with nearly three-quarters of our fundraising goal met, that will make all the difference. Reaching and even exceeding our goals enables us to provide the facilities, funding, and academic framework needed to further our students' abilities to make dynamic societal contributions.

I figure what you really want to understand is why your participation matters.

It's an opportunity to make a stronger investment in our students through academic programs focused on professional development with significant tuition cost savings, such as Lasell Works.

It's the ability to change lives with scholarship aid for students who might not otherwise be able to afford or attend Lasell.

It's the chance to support the establishment of our new academic programs in Information Technology and Health Sciences and to strengthen our curricula in and contributions to the sciences in a way previously unseen at Lasell.

It's the development of a modern, adaptable, state-of-the-art Science and Technology Center that will equip our students to interact with leading industry methods and materials, and to grow and adjust as the landscape evolves.

Change is not about big gestures; it cannot be just for the sake of creating a stir. It is the many measured steps along the way that help us create something bigger and better than we may have ever imagined. Your participation provides another building block in our quest to reflect upon and add to a foundation of infinite possibilities.

One of our students, Alexandra Hoffman '18, put it most eloquently: "This campaign and the change it is bringing has made us the best possible version of ourselves."

On behalf of students like Alexandra and our entire community, I thank you for your commitment to the future of our institution, for your participation in The Campaign for Lasell College, and for your continued belief in the Pursuit of Great.


Michael B. Alexander

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