In Closing

by Ryan Fitzgerald '17

It's a cool, fall day in October and the trees are changing colors - red and gold with bursts of green can be seen all along Woodland Road. Music plays from dorm rooms and blends with cheers from Taylor Field in a familiar and enjoyable mix of sounds. A moving mass of backpacks, school sweatshirts, and lacrosse sticks grows larger like a buzzing hive of excitement and just as quickly dissipates as another class period begins. It could be any fall day in any year on campus - perhaps viewed from my freshman dorm room in Woodland Hall, or from my final class in the Winslow Academic Center - and it would seem that little has changed. Yet, everything has. 

I've changed. I started at Lasell as a freshman from Cape Cod seeking to grow my communication skills and perspective. I write this now from my home on the Cape, and while the scene may look the same, I am not. I returned home a confident journalist, ready to put to work the countless hours of experience I gained writing, reading, and editing in classes and with the 1851 Chronicle. I returned home with the ability to listen, a trait I acquired from working with my professors and peers to understand different ideas and means of expression. I learned how to build positive relationships. I learned how to adapt to change and how to make a difference. I returned prepared for my life after Lasell.

Lasell has changed, too - and that's a good thing. There's a new Science and Technology Center and new academic programs as well. This is great progress for our college and will really help future students. It's important to embrace new opportunities, whether personal, professional, or institutional. There's no telling where those relationships and choices may lead.

It is now fall of 2017, and while I imagine those same sights and sounds continue along Woodland Road, I see them this time through memory, as I enjoy the fall season on the Cape. For the first time, I am not in school. I spent my summer contacting former professors, students, and communication professionals that I had interacted with as a student. I received great advice and contacts from them because of the positive relationships I learned to build. I have just begun a role as a reporter for the Cape Codder and feel confident that things will continue to fall into place. Thanks to Lasell, I learned how to accept change, which has left me prepared for - and feeling strongly about - my life after college.

So I write this piece in closing to my undergraduate life at Lasell, but also as the beginning to my post-graduate life. I am excited for this time, and it's hard to say where the start of my career in journalism and as a Lasell alumnus will take me. I do know one thing, though. My life, my career, and my surroundings will continue to change, but one thing that won't is my connection with the friends, professors, and memories I made during my four years at Lasell.

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