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Great is Within Reach

We take a closer look at The Campaign for Lasell College and its impact.

"This whole process shows how much Lasell values growth. The college has a really good knack of being able to work with change by making it part of the community. It's taken time and money and relocation, but the end result is absolutely worth it. The process has made us the best version of ourselves that we can be."

Alexandra Hoffman '18 was one of several students who toured Lasell's new Science and Technology Center with excitement and awe just prior to its opening in October. They reflected the energy that's taken campus by storm since the launch of The Pursuit of Great: The Campaign for Lasell College - a raw and very real sense of being on the cusp of something monumental and unprecedented. As the new building opened its doors in late October, so too opened new opportunities for the entire community.

The Campaign for Lasell College is a commitment to the future by our community in the present. The new Science and Technology Center is a progressive and physical embodiment of the college's connected learning philosophy, with the space built to adapt to industry trends. Lasell Works will offer a transformational cost-savings and professional development experience, while nearly one-third of the campaign will provide financial aid to fulfill the college's goal of meeting every student's need. The opening of Dunne House in June 2017 has already expanded our ability to host speakers, events, and celebrations that embody our mission. On top of it all, the launch of two new academic programs will provide our students with access to top-of-their-industry faculty and resources to launch careers in high-demand sectors.

Our community is growing, and yet, in many ways, the campaign has brought members of our campus together in a way that feels more personal and interconnected than ever before.

You have to see it for yourself!

So, we invite you to join us on campus. Tour the new Science and Technology Center. Attend the Presidential Speaker Series at Dunne House. Meet with students whose lives have been, and will forever be, changed by these initiatives. And until then, join us as we take a final peek inside the The Campaign for Lasell College.

Science and Technology Center at Lasell College

Science and Technology Center

"With our collaborative and interactive approach to teaching and learning in mind, we've created a new multipurpose lab space that fosters shared perspectives between the sciences. Students will have an opportunity to learn didactic knowledge and apply the concepts all in one space. Mobile desks and lab workstations were built to blend theory and practices, so students will be able to explore a topic hands-on just moments after they learn about it. These settings simulate real working environments and will enable students to become masters of their professions."

Cristina Haverty
Chair, Department of Athletic Training and Exercise Science


Lasell Works

"I feel very fortunate to have been part of a program like this, because it allowed me time to work and save enough money to pay for my semester in full without any loans to worry about. Programs like Lasell Works help you interact and succeed in a professional environment. In one class, we'd practice phone interviews with our professor. When I started looking for an internship, I felt completely comfortable interviewing and knew what to expect and how to perform. The program teaches you to feel comfortable in the working world and prepared with a professional mindset. You learn how to be independent and how to manage yourself. When you're in a job, your boss is not always going to provide the structure that school does; they want you to use your knowledge to get the job done."

Serena Dexter '19
Entrepreneurship and Marketing Major

Serena Dexter '19


Dunne House

Dunne House

"I expect Dunne House to have a significant impact. It will serve as a place for our community to come together to celebrate our victories, to exchange ideas, and to support one another in times of need. On the elegant first floor and the terrace out back, we will hold lectures, dinners and receptions, community meetings, and gatherings of faculty, staff, and students. It will also serve as a way to host guests and dignitaries on campus. We're so excited and grateful to have Dunne House, which helps us present Lasell College as the very special place that it is."

President Michael B. Alexander



"In my early visits to Lasell, I always felt at home here. I've felt even more at ease thanks to my scholarship funding. Money is always a big issue, and lightening that burden through scholarships helps you feel a bit calmer, a bit freer, to do what you really want while you're a student. Lasell has helped me build great relationships and has offered the opportunity to learn from and interact with people who don't necessarily look like me. The fact that I'll have less of a financial burden when I enter law school next year is huge."

Stanley Sajous '18
Criminal Justice Major

Stanley Sajous '18

Maithily Erande

New Academic Programs: Health Sciences and Information Technology

"Our new programs are there to make our students 'market ready.' Information technology, for one, is at a critical junction of every industry. From business to communications, sport management, criminal justice, and healthcare, technology is at the heart of it all. The big answer we're providing with these programs is how to prepare students with the skills, experience, and certifications they need to immediately add value to their field and grow within it. It's a huge differentiator in the market when students graduate with that level of readiness. Organizations are craving talent to help create better user experiences and better products. Launching these programs will enable our students to fulfill a wide breadth of needs across these industries."

Maithily Erande
Associate Professor
Program Director, Information Technology

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