A Will to Give Back

L. Angel Morales '13 pays it forward to the next generation of Lasell students.

L. Angel Morales '13 is no stranger to generosity. In fact, it's the philanthropy and communal support he received as a Lasell student that have motivated him to become the institution's youngest alumnus to participate in planned giving. Angel will establish his legacy at Lasell College with a provision in his will. At 32, he reflects back on his time at Lasell as a pivotal point in his life. "The dedicated faculty at Lasell will go above and beyond what you could ever expect, as long as you work hard," he says.

Angel grew up in Guatemala until his family moved to Waltham when he was 12. He thrived during his two years at Lasell after transferring from another college. A combination of generous financial aid and support from the college community - including alumni and friends of the college -helped him to both stay in the Fashion and Merchandising program and graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Angel immersed himself in the community as a student and cites Lasell's openly inclusive campus as an incentive to participate in many activities. His proudest moments out of the classroom took place behind the scenes at Polished, where he served as managing editor, and at the college's runway shows.

Immediately after graduation, he worked for the Sharf Marketing Group in Chestnut Hill to produce 100 Years of Fashion, among other projects that took him to England and back to research illustrations and artwork from the Jean S. and Frederick Sharf collection.

As a visual designer and operations manager at Talbots, he constantly reflects on the support he received at Lasell to make his undergraduate experience - and thus, his career - a possibility. He is humbled to be able to pay it forward to a new generation of students who might not be able to achieve their goals without philanthropic support. "I am extremely appreciative of the support I received and I want future students to benefit in the way I did," he tells Leaves. "Giving back is the ultimate experience, and I am grateful that I can pay it forward to support the next generation of Lasell students."

Angel and his spouse Kurt Heinrich, an economist, live in Boston's South End where they play an active part in the local community. They enjoy traveling abroad and spending time on the beaches of Cape Cod.

For information on how you can create a legacy at Lasell College, contact Rebecca Brenner, advancement officer, at or (617) 243-2152.

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