Medallion & GOLD Rising Star Recipients


The Lasell Medallion

The tradition of the Lasell Medallion was established in 1968 by then-president, Dr. Vincent DeBaun. The Medallion was created to honor outstanding members of the College community. The bronze medallion award "may be made to any member of the Lasell family who, by virtue of distinguished service to the College or to society at large, has brought added honor to the name of Lasell."

Past Medallion Recipients include:

(Alumni by Class Year, Chronologically)
Maude Simes Harding '06
Helen Carter Johnson '07
Constance E. Blackstock '09
Josephine Woodward Rand '10
Ida Beane Rice '15
Madeline Farmer Ryder '15
Margaret Trice Gibbens '16
Marion Griffin Wolcott '16
Rose Baer Trexler '16
Helen M. Saunders '17
Mildred Strain Nutter '17
Marguerite Houser Hamlin '19
Mercie Nichols '19
Dorothy Burnham Eaton '20
Helen L. Beede '21
Ruth Rawlings Mott '21
Mary Shannon '21
Frances Angel Levenson '22
Harriette Case Bidwell '22
Elizabeth Madeira Campbell '22
Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker '22
Ruth Hopkins Spooner '23
Antoinette Meritt Smith '23
Adele Bigham Nelson '24
Helen B. Perry '24
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor '25
Rosalie Brightman Rosen '27
Esther T. Josselyn '27
Lillian G. Bethel '28
Gwendolyn McDonald Black '29
Alice Pratt Brown '29
Sylvia Morgan Williams '30
Mildred Bell Cole '31
Sarah Fletchall '31
Mary E. O'Connell '31
Julia C. Case '32
Marjorie A. MacClymon '32
Shirley Gould Chesebro '33
Virginia Ogden Hayes '33
Roberta Morrill Buchanan '35
Barbara Ordway Brewer '35
Priscilla A. Winslow '35
Marjorie Bassett MacMillan '36
Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle '36/H'96
Janet Owens DeArment '37
Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37
Marjorie Westgate Doran '37
Merrill Adele Brown Lett '38
Faye Wadhams Smith '38
Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38
Virginia Thomas Baxter ‘39
Jean Michael Petersen '39
Dorothy F. Williams '39
Ruth Fulton Rardin '40
Marvine Weatherby '41
Dorothy Mosher Stone '42
Ruth Turner Crosby '42/H'92
Jean Campbell '44
Virginia Wolfe Perkins '44
Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45
Marilyn Blodgett Williamson '46
Bunny Quinn McKenna '46
Barbara Stickle Mode '47
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49
Nancy Lawson Donahue '49
Kathryn Poore Hamel '49
Jean Sargent Lee '49
Joan Weiler Arnow '49
Jacqueline Paulding Hauser '50
Nancy Burrows Putnam ‘50
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey '51
Joan Howe Weber '51
Marie R. Kaden '53
Shirley Vara Gallerani '53
Lucinda Nolin Johnson '55/'77
Joy Stewart Rice '55
Margaret Schwingel Kraft '56
Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57
Joan Conradi McLaughlin ‘59
Linda Telfer '60
Barbara Cole French '61
Laura T. Jensen '61
Marcia Madden Heist '62
Kathleen Rebmann Royka '64
Elisse Allinson Share '65
Kathryn Morgan Lucey '67
Janet Sheffer Kerney '69
Jeanne A. Johnsen '72
Ann Mignosa ‘87
Patti Beck Bishop '97

(Non-Alumni, Alphabetically)
June Babcock
Ruth Lindquist Brinton
William Carolan
Elaine Cavanaugh
Alice H. Corbin
Jeanne B. Cousins
Thomas E.J. de Witt
Alfred C. Edwards
RoseMary B. Fuss
Sylvia Goodman
Anne Greene
Arthur T. Gregorian
Ethel L. Guevin
Beverly Hallam
Helena Bentz Hartnett
George Lane
Chester H. Lasell
Barbara Long
Norma MacLeod
Kenneth C. Matheson
John McCarthy
Muriel R. McClelland
Constance Milner
Winston Robertson
Jacqueline Saunders
Charles Sinerate
R. Emerson Sylvester
Wilder N. Smith
Lucy J. Sypher
Margaret Tewksbury
Helen R. Wallstrom
Hildegarde Lasell Watson
Jean Watt
Charlotte Holt Lindgren Winslow
Donald J. Winslow
Richard A. Winslow

If you have any additional questions, please call Director of Alumni Relations, Lauren McCauslin at (617) 243-2139.

News Highlight

Lasell Offers Condolences to Family of Alumna Killed in Mississippi  Friday, August 26, 2016Lasell officials have offered condolences to the family of Lasell alumna Sister Paula Merrill ’78 of Holmes County, Mississippi who was found dead in her home, along with Sister Margaret Held, on Thursday morning. Both were members of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth order.

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