Crista CannataHospitality and Event Management, '04

Most Beneficial Part of Lasell Education: The best thing about Lasell College is definitely the small classrooms. My professors knew my name; I wasn’t just a number to them. I also made tons of new friends, and I felt like I was at home.

Passions: My passions include travel and experiencing other peoples’ cultures. I would say that the field I am in now is absolutely my passion because I get to travel to meet new clients and witness their cultures.

Current Company: Student Universe, Waltham, MA

Hometown: Westfield, MA

Current Residence: Newton, MA

Favorite Memories from Lasell: I lived in Van Winkle as a Resident Assistant my junior and senior year. Most of my residents were first years and sophomores. I made so many friends as the RA there, many of my students requested to live in Van Winkle the next year so they can be my residents for a second time. I still talk to many of the friends I made in Van Winkle today; these are truly lasting friendships.

Why I Chose to Support the Alumni Association: As I mentioned before, it was great to attend a school where the professors were genuinely interested in getting to know their students. I still live right in Newton, so it’s nice to be able to visit often and see how far Lasell has come since I graduated in 2004. It’s like a whole new place from when I was a student, and I am glad to know that I am a part of the school’s growth.

Did You Receive Financial Aid or Scholarships: Yes, I received financial aid all four years. This made it much easier for my family and me.

Volunteer Interests: I wish I had time to volunteer more often. When I lived back home, I volunteered with my church and local organizations all the time. I would take an opportunity to get involved with my community if I can get some free time.

I could never have been where I am today without all the great connections and friends I made at Lasell. When I’m having a bad day, I think of the good times I had and it always makes me feel better.

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