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Who is Brian Yepez?

October 27, 2010

So this is what they call a victory lap. The lap to end all laps and this lap ends with a diploma. I have been in New England and Lasell College for the past five years and I have learned three universal truths. First, Theo Epstein's word might as well be law. Second, Tom Brady's knee injury was the most devastating event since Liam Neeson starred in Star Wars Episode One: the Phantom Menace. And third, get ready for rain, and get ready for tons of it.

Although the former facts have taught me enough to survive, it is not what defines me. My name is Brian Yepez, Yankee fan, and I can trace my entire writing career back to a single moment in the third grade. Times have changed for me often and my favorite recording artists at the time were Elton John, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles.

I had taken a spelling test and intentionally bombed it. The word was "neighbor." I had decided since my friend Bobby was going to fail the test, I wanted to fail as well because I didn't want him to feel bad. Mrs. Krahn, our teacher, pulled me aside after everyone had gone to the cafeteria and asked me to spell "neighbor." Without pause I spelled it perfectly. In fact, I spelled every word she asked me correctly. Now I didn't appreciate her ruse, but I understand why she did it. She said to me, "Brian, you are phenomenal. Never hold back."

I grew up in Hillsborough New Jersey, a small town outside of New Brunswick, heart of the local music scene. I started to fashion my personality and self-image around popular culture. The more I listened to music and watched films, the more I learned. Eventually I began playing lacrosse at around age ten. I tried to follow my teacher's advice throughout high school when it came time. I'm 22 now, I won't be for long and I just finished my final year as a D-3 player for Lasell. Playing sports has helped me become more focused and goal oriented. But playing for so long also seems to have burned me out.

My beat is writing essays, features, anything just to get words out onto a page. I love writing because I get to draw from personal experience and popular culture to write pages and pages of prose which, to some, may lack a point. But maybe the point is not obvious to the majority. For me, it is what I love, and I can't escape it. Writing has become the single-most expressive outlet in my life since I stopped playing lacrosse. And I am glad to share it with you.

My goal is to become an editor. I love proofreading and giving feedback on other people's work, but I also love getting into people's heads and learning what makes them tick. I'm a modern day hardy boy. The truth just sounds different but at the same time what makes us different is sometimes what makes us impossibly similar, and these similarities are what people want to hear the most. I believe a reader wants to feel as though they have met the subject before.

As I write this I am listening to the Killers play "Reptilla." They say, "The wait is over, I'm now taking over." I love telling stories, and I will tell these stories to you monthly. I hope to put you in my shoes and maybe feel the same emotions, textures, and sounds that I feel myself. My goal is to project you to these places. I hope you have as great a time reading as I do writing.

Written by Brian Yepez '11, an intern with the Office of Alumni Relations


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