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Jammin' With Janino

January 18, 2011

If you told Ashley Jannino '11 she would land her dream internship at the age of 21 four years ago, I doubt the young stop and shop cashier would have believed her future rested in the radio industry. Music developed as Ashley's passion when she was young, "Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice was my jam." She said. During our conversation inside the radio station and again after an internship class, Ashley revealed herself to be Willy Wonka's "dreamer of the dreams". She dreamt big, and is now living her dream everyday she walks into a radio station.

We were sitting in the LCR booth waiting to go on air when Ashley asked me, "So when does the interview start?" We had been hanging out for the past ten minutes, needless to say the interview started then. Her co-host Ashley Latham was a few minutes late: not a problem for the veteran of LCR. She calmly played what she could and waved to the occasional passerby.

Her work at Lasell College Radio has only made her improve over the years and she hosts a regular spot weeknights at 4 pm. "I really love working in radio," she said. "I can't play music but it's great to be a part of it." More recently Ashley scored when it came to a window of opportunity. Earlier this semester she began work with JAMN 94.5 in Boston. "Waking up at 4 in the morning is no picnic, but I got used to it." Ashley said.

Last month the DJ helped organize the Creeps and Ghouls dance; the most popular Halloween dance on the Lasell campus. DJ Pup Dawg, an employee at JAMN, offered to help Ashley out as a favor for her hard work at the Boston radio station. "Pup [Dawg] saw how much the dance meant to me and offered to help out. Lasell would have never been able to get him to do it otherwise but it turned out to be a huge success. The door count was 400 students; about one quarter of the college campus." Ashley said.

Latham arrived and began helping with the charted artists, I decided to request a Lil Wayne song in honor of his recent release from prison. "I wish you picked something a little different. The guy blew up while he was in jail, now he's out; what's the big deal?" Ashley said. Not surprising coming from someone who loves substance over mass produced sounds. Ashley's favorite recording artists are; Jay-Z, Kanye West, Usher, Eminem and Tupac, sound which has constantly changed the way music is heard.

It came about time to close the show but a certain level of curiosity remained about her internship. Ashley told me something huge. "It's actually a funny story. Krazy Kulo was a regular customer where I worked [Stop and Shop] and I kept asking him for information about internships and talked him up anytime I saw him. This went on for a few years and I gradually kind of lost contact with him but I tried my best to keep it in mind. This year I applied for an internship at JAMN. I was psyched when they called me back for an interview, and who other than Krazy Kulo was conducting my interview. He is the director of the morning show now; it goes to show that you never know who is going to be your boss."

Loving what she does allows Ashley to excel at her internship. "I used the same types of programs in Advanced Radio as I do in my internship. I would have caught on eventually, but I prefer to be well prepared." Ashley said. She had nothing but great things to say about the morning show she works with, she feels as though it is where she belongs and it is also, "Where I need to be."

She had her own dreams and had the courage to follow through. With the heart of a hustler and the passion of a producer, Ashley sees no end in sight for her career. College doesn't implant anything in regards to passion: you either have it or you don't. At the same time even the former statement could be a fallacy. Ashley and Ashley both signed off when DJ Miggy came through the booth door: still number one for hip hop on LCR, the same as when they began doing their show.

The important thing is one simple fact; Ashley has worked hard to be where she is today, and in five years I hope I'm turning on the radio to hear her party every morning with the best of them.

Written by Brian Yepez '11, an intern with the Office of Alumni Relations


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