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December 20, 2010

Jean Leger ‘12 has been thinking about this all year. Haitian born and raised until age nine when his family decided to move to Massachusetts, he could not sit idly by and do nothing for his home country. The All for Haiti fundraiser was Leger's brain-child.

Eighty-five attendees and nearly five hundred dollars in donations later, Leger's plan and hard work paid off in spades. The night was entertaining and best of all, students actually showed up. Last year the Multicultural Student Union put on a Haiti fundraiser; although there was support, Leger took the production to a different level entirely.

The production crew gathered on the first floor of the Yamawaki Arts and Cultural Center to commemorate their achievements. Leger was humbled by the fact he could not have produced the event alone. "We can only do so much [as students] so I worked closely with the Center for Community Based Learning." Leger said.

No matter who I asked, all spoke highly of the amount of creativity and passion Leger has displayed since before the new school year even began. "He has been planning this event since spring last year. He has even been in my office almost twice a week since the start of the semester. I'm very proud of him." Amy Greene, Assistant Director of the Center for Community Based Learning said.

It doesn't stop at this event either. Leger was spilling his future plans as well, his passion showed in his words. "We want videos, more music, and more diversity. We're looking to make a difference and have fun at the same time. I want to put this even on annually because I don't want anyone to forget what happened and how they can help." Leger said.

With a list of fourteen performers, the draw was unparalleled to any fundraiser set up by a Lasell student. Unreal, spirited, and free from the apathy which plagues students at Lasell, up is the right direction to take this. For Leger, the sky is the limit for he seized the day.

Written by Brian Yepez '11, an intern with the Office of Alumni Relations


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