Undergraduate Admissions

Stephen Bruno

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Hometown and State:
Pearl River, New York

Communication - Radio/Video Production

Why did you decide to transfer to Lasell?
After visiting Lasell, I loved the fact that the area around Lasell made me feel like home. Also, the whole idea of the Connected Learning experience really pulled me in. As a more hands on learner, I knew that I would have a better time learning here than anywhere else.

As a transfer student, what were the important factors you considered as part of your transfer school search?
The school I wanted to attend needed to be close to a major city that was a big production hub. Even though NYC is considered the biggest, I wanted somewhere different. Its curriculum needed to be a hands on type of learning and when I was told to look at Lasell, I knew it was the one.

How did Lasell assist you in the transfer process?
Lasell's admissions team really helped with making sure I had all my transfer paperwork and always reminded me of any deadlines that were approaching. 

Describe your transition from attending a two-year college to Lasell.
This was my second time transferring schools. I had attended a 4-year school before I attended the 2-year. I had already known what it was like to be at a 4-year school so my transition was a little shaky at first since it's been over a year and a half since I've been at a 4-year but everything was pretty smooth.

What is your favorite thing about Lasell?
The community within your major. Since class sizes are small enough you are able to collaborate and continue to work with the same students throughout your time. Since we are all trying to graduate with the same degree, why not work with who you see every day? Also the professors are extremely helpful with whatever you need for any projects, both in and outside class.  

What is your favorite Connected Learning project/experience so far?
I have only partaken in one so far and that was for my Media Ethics course. We took a deeper look at the medias role in covering domestic violence in sports. It was really cool to show my hard work off at the Connected Learning Symposium for my peers to see.

Activities you are or have been involved in (clubs, activities, athletics, etc.):
Lasell College Radio, Pick-up soccer, Broadcasting Sports games  

Any internship you have done, or are looking to do:
Before Lasell, I interned with a semi-professional baseball team in their Production Dept. for 2 years.