Career Outcomes

Matthew Stambler '09
Hospitality and Event Management major
Manager of Sales/Marketing & Event Management,
Hotel 140



Connected Learning was everywhere at Lasell. For my Special Events class, for example, we did a project where we planned a huge event for breast cancer awareness. We did everything from getting quotes from vendors to researching guest speakers to mapping out the floor plan for the venue. Plus, the head of our department was just a fantastic professor. The way she taught was so interactive: she never just stood at the front of the classroom and wrote notes on the board. She’s had an incredible range of experience in the industry, so being able to hear her stories and real-world examples really helped bring the profession to life.

For the students in my major, Lasell holds an Advisory Board Meeting each spring, which consists of a series of round-table conversations with professionals from the industry. Students get to circulate and speak with these people, asking questions about the profession and their particular career paths. It was this event that put me on the hotel track, because I got to do a lot of networking. In fact, I started my work at Hotel 140 before I even graduated, and very quickly was promoted to manager.

We wear a lot of hats here, so I’ve been trained from the beginning to multitask. Right now, I’m getting experience in everything from front-desk operations to rate and revenue management to general management. The small environment at Lasell really prepared me to jump into the professional world immediately, because I knew I could be thrown into any kind of environment and deal well with people




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