Grace Ann Miceli '02 - Internal Consulting Services Analyst


Employer: JP Morgan Chase, Manhattan
Major: Business Management

My horizons expanded at Lasell. I grew creatively, and learned to trust my intuition. When I was a freshman I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but my experience working for a local hospital wasn’t satisfying. I realized that I was following a young girl’s dreams and not really looking at the person I had become. So I changed my major to business. Everyone at Lasell was very supportive of my decision.

During the summer between my sophomore and junior year, I interned with J.P. Morgan and loved it. I headed the risk management and fixed income desk for the bond market. The following summer I returned to Morgan as an internal general auditor for the investment management/private bank department. At the end of that summer I was offered a permanent position in the management program, which lets me try a different position every six to eight months. I’ve just finished working for the investment bank supporting the CFO of U.S. Equities. Now, I’m in the Institutional Trust Services division, working on a six-sigma project. I’ll be traveling to places like Mumbai, India, as we move some of our business there.