Entering the United States

  1. When you arrive in the U.S., you will be required to present your passport with a valid F-1 visa, financial documents and your Form 1-20 to a U.S. Immigration Inspector. Keep these documents with you and not in your baggage.
  2. The Immigration Inspector will review your papers and then give you a Form I-94, "Arrival/Departure Record." This is a small white card that the Inspector will staple into your passport. It should read "F-1 - D/S," indicating that you have an F-1 student visa and have been granted duration of status. Duration of status means that as long as you are pursuing full-time study at Lasell, you may legally remain in the U.S. The I-20 should also have an annotation from the Inspector indicating "F-1 - D/S". This mark is found on the upper, right-hand corner box of the I-20 that says "Immigration Official Use."
  3. Please check in with Lena Berc, Director of International Student Services, as soon as possible after your arrival to campus. There will be an orientation session for international students. The date and time will be sent to you by e-mail. This session is very important to learn more about your responsibilities while on your F-1 Student Visa. Feel free to contact Lena with any questions:

E-mail: lberc@lasell.edu

Phone: (617) 243-2094

Fax: (617) 243-2411

What to Bring

  • Your passport which has your visa and your I-20. Carry these on your person, do not put them in your luggage.
  • Your health form if you have not already mailed it.
  • Any medications (and prescriptions) that you are taking. Put these in your carry-on bag.
  • Contact lenses or glasses (prescriptions for these).
  • It is a good idea to have a carry-on bag with essentials in case luggage is lost or delayed.

Getting to Lasell College once you arrive in the U.S.

We would be happy to arrange for airport pick-up service. If you are interested in arranging an airport pick-up, please contact Bradi Lenentine at: blenentine@lasell.edu at least 48 hours before you arrive in Boston.

There are ATM machines located in the International Terminal at Logan airport.

Taxi service and Limo Service is available from the airport to Lasell. Call the toll-free taxi number after you pick up your luggage. 1-888-222-5229

Public transportation is available from the airport but might be difficult for a first-time user with lots of luggage. See "T" map on the Lasell website - www.lasell.edu

If you arrive after 5pm, call Public Safety at 617-243-2269 or 617-243-2279 and they can direct you where to go.

Lasell College
1844 Commonwealth Avenue (in the Auburndale section of Newton)
Newton, MA 02466.

If you have any questions please contact:
Bradi Lenentine, Assistant Director of International Admission, by e-mail at blenentine@lasell.edu
Lena Berc, Director of International Student Services, by e-mail at lberc@lasell.edu
James Garrant, Director of Student Accounts, by e-mail at jgarrant@lasell.edu

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