Gregory SandovalMS, Management; Marketing

"What I like the most about Lasell is the professors and the way the classes are set up and the way the school is involved in the community. Once again, I emphasize on that because it makes everything practical. I believe that you can go to certain schools and learn everything in theory and then once you get out there you have a hard time applying what you’re learning. I believe that Lasell gives you that opportunity to put into practice what you’re learning. My number one advice to students is to be willing to embrace diversity -diversity from the standpoints of everything within the community. Take on projects that you never saw yourself involved in, take on different areas of study, take on different parts of the community and basically learn and get yourself involved and that will make everything that you’re learning seem a lot more practical."

Graduate Info Session
Wednesday, May 20, at 6:30 p.m.