Academic Programs


The English Major at Lasell has a professional focus, rooted in Connected Learning, that seeks to educate students by promoting self-expression, academic exploration and critical thinking in academic, civic, and career-relevant areas

Lasell College provides an active learning environment that robustly links learning to multiple experiences. The community is a collaborative one powered by possibilities, enhanced by high social interaction and meaningful practices. 100% of students complete at least one internship to gain experience and build their resumes. Located just outside of Boston, Lasell is a professional and educational hub of opportunities with small class sizes to provide a co-constructed, supportive learning space. At Lasell, many doors are opened for students, they just have to choose which one to go through.

  • Lasell's distinguished faculty supports the success of students by linking their academic expertise with professional experience as authors.
  • Lasell is home to several student- run publications, including: the 1851 Chronicle student newspaper; Tarnished, which celebrates the visual and written arts; and Polished, our award-winning fashion magazine. Students are encouraged from their first year to write for each publication.
  • The English major is intentionally interdisciplinary, especially with the Education Major, to allow students to follow their passions while still receiving a solid foundation rooted in English.

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