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HIST207African American History Description
HIST124IAmer Civ II: Nineteenth-Century New York Description
HIST123American Civilization I Description
HIST124American Civilization II Description
HIST209China from 1600 to Present Description
HIST330Europe & The World/ Age of Expansion Description
HIST218Global History of Childhood Description
HIST105History of Human Rights Description
HIST228XHow Privileged are You? Description
HIST400Individual Seminar in Reading & Research Description
HIST210Latin Amer Colonial Period to Present Description
HIST211Middle East & Islamic World Since 1800 Description
HIST212Mod Japan: Culture & History Description
HIST352Nature & Meaning of History Description
HIST204Recent American History Description
HIST231Revolutions & Revolutionary Thought Description
HIST223Special Topics in History Description
HIST323Special Topics in History Description
HIST208Sub-Saharan Africa after 1800 Description
HIST203The History of Women in U.S. Description
HIST325The Intellectual Origins of Western Civ Description
HIST401Tutorial in History Description
HIST103World Civilization I Description
HIST104World Civilization II (KP) Description