Students must have a cumulative G.P.A of 2.5 or higher and be in good academic and disciplinary standing. If a student falls out of good academic or disciplinary standing at any time prior to going abroad, they will no longer be permitted to study abroad. Students who do not have a cumulative G.P.A of a 2.5 but feel they should still be considered for study abroad may petition to do so. Students are not permitted to study abroad during their last semester at Lasell.

When Can Students Study Abroad?
The preferred time to go abroad is fall of one's junior year. Students who wish to study abroad as a sophomore or during a spring semester must petition to do so. Study abroad during the second semester of one's senior year is prohibited.

Application Requirements:
Students are required to submit a completed application form, a one page statement of purpose, course descriptions and course approvals for each course they wish to take, a copy of their passport, and a signature from their acdemic advisor and health services.

Application Deadlines:
Spring 2014: Friday, September 27th
Fall 2014: Friday, February 28th
Summer 2014: Friday, April 4th

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Lasell Introduces Cross-Registration Program with Regis College, Expanding on Courses Offered  Friday, March 27, 2015Lasell College will begin a cross-registration program with Regis College this Fall, enabling undergraduate students to enroll in additional courses there at no additional cost. Lasell students will be able to add selected Regis courses to their Lasell schedule starting with pre-registration this April.

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