Students must have a cumulative G.P.A of 2.5 or higher and be in good academic and disciplinary standing. If a student falls out of good academic or disciplinary standing at any time prior to going abroad, they will no longer be permitted to study abroad. Students who do not have a cumulative G.P.A of a 2.5 but feel they should still be considered for study abroad may petition to do so. Please note that many of our approved programs have a GPA requirement that is higher than 2.5, and this should be taken into account when selecting a program.

On some of our approved programs, even students who satisfy all eligibility criteria may be asked to study abroad on an alternate program, depending on their first choice selection. In order to balance the number of Lasell students studying abroad in any given destination, we must sometimes resort to enrollment caps on our most popular programs. In these instances, we will work with qualified students to determine a suitable alternate program.

It is each student's responsibility to make sure that the courses they plan to take abroad satisfy requirements toward their degree at Lasell. Most students take a combination of elective and major courses while abroad, and work with their advisor closely to ensure that their academic needs will be met on their program of choice.

When Can Students Study Abroad?
The preferred time to go abroad is fall of junior year. Students who wish to study abroad as a sophomore or during a spring semester must petition to do so. In keeping with Lasell Academic Policy, students are not permitted to study abroad during their final semester as there is an on-campus residency requirement.

Application Requirements:
Students are required to submit a completed application form (including a one page statement of purpose), course descriptions and course approvals for each course they wish to take, a copy of their passport, and approval from their academic advisor.

Upon acceptance, students are required to submit a non-refundable $500 deposit to hold their place in the program.

Application Deadlines:
Fall 2016:  March 1, 2016
Summer 2016: March 1, 2016
Spring 2017:  September 29, 2016