Shoulder to Shoulder Program Policies

Each program has unique requirements and stipulations as determined by the leader of the course. It is important for students to pay attention to all communications and documentation issued by the professor, to ensure that they are in compliance with all required components of their program.

Round trip group flights are included in the cost of the program, provided that students fly with the class round trip out of Boston or the designated group travel airport. Exceptions to traveling with the group are subject to approval by the program leader and are at the sole expense of the student and not the responsibility of the college.

Shoulder to Shoulder programs are designed for participation prior to degree completion. Participation by seniors in spring semester programs will be approved on an exceptional basis.

All Shoulder to Shoulder programs are credit-bearing courses. Students receive an In Progress grade until they've returned from the trip and submitted the final project. It is not possible to audit a Shoulder to Shoulder course.