Lasell Semester-in-Washington D.C.

The purpose of the Lasell Semester-in-Washington D.C. program is to allow Lasell undergraduates to study journalism, foreign policy, business and other disciplines in our nation’s capital. Participating students attend the Washington Semester at American University, and may take one of eight programs that make up the program:

American Politics
Justice & Law
Transforming Communities
Foreign Policy
*Global Economics & Business
*International Environment & Development
*International Law and Organizations
*Peace & Conflict Resolution
*Islam & World Affairs

*Denotes Study Abroad component

Lasell College has contracted with American University to provide Lasell students with a dynamic learning experience in Washington, D.C.

About the Program

The Semester-in-Washington program is the equivalent of four courses, with an essential part of students' time in Washington dedicated to an internship chosen by the student soon after arriving in Washington. Students will work at their internships two days a week.

The second and third courses consist of a Washington Semester seminar that includes meetings three times a week with political and business elites such as members of Congress, executive branch officials, representatives of interests groups, journalists and representatives from agencies. Some seminar sessions integrate the work of specialists with students' observations of the real world in a field trip format.

The fourth course is a choice between an elective from American University evening courses or an independent research project supervised by an American University faculty member. The project culminates with a final paper on a topic selected by the students prior to going to Washington. It is suggested that a general idea of their topic is devised and researched before their semester begins; once students arrive in Washington, a more detailed topic proposal for the final paper is to be developed.

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Costs and Housing

Students involved in the Semester in Washington are registered at Lasell and are billed all the costs of the program through Lasell. This arrangement does NOT apply to programs with a travel component. Those additional costs would be billed directly to the student by American University. Costs include tuition, room, board, fees and medical insurance, if not waived by the student. Though students are housed at American University in Washington, D.C., all costs are billed by and payable to Lasell by the billing due date. Students receiving financial assistance from Lasell will continue to receive their aid while in Washington. There is no provision for continuation of work-study during the semester in Washington.

Students may also refer to the American University website.

The Student Experience

Lasell student Angela Connolly blogged about her experience with Semester in Washington! Click here to read her blog.

"I participated in the Washington Semester Program in the Spring Semester of 2012. Participating in this program was honestly the best decision I’ve made in my college career. I think every student should either study abroad for a semester or participate in this program and experience a different learning environment additional to a new and fresh atmosphere. While residing in D.C. I interned for Washington Life Magazine as their social media intern. This was my first internship, and I gained a lot of hands on experience in my industry. With my press pass I got to attend some really awesome events like a bridal fashion show, and a Galla event. Also, it really makes a positive contribution to my resume. The learning program is great. I basically spent half of the semester attending field trips visiting all the major new organizations in the City including the Washington Post, and having the opportunity to hear insight from professionals and speak one on one with them. I even had the opportunity to shake hands with Joe Biden, because I accidently ran into him at the CVS outside of American’s campus. Aside from the educational benefits D.C. is really an amazing and beautiful city. The program is very diverse, and I made great friends from all over the world whom I still keep in touch with. This program isn’t restricted to students studying journalism, and I would seriously recommend it to any student." - Danielle Rita, Communication: Journalism Major, 2013