School of Social Sciences, Humanities, & Education

EPIC (Elevate Preparation: Impact Children)


The EPIC (Elevate Preparation: Impact Children) grant creates pathways for diverse undergraduate students who will be invested in serving as educators in their local communities.

Grant Supports:

  • School Liaison & Parent Liaison
  • Graduate student coordinator
  • 8 undergraduate Education students (EPIC student leaders)
  • 70 undergraduate students in two courses: Invitation to Teaching (ED109) and Teaching & Learning in American Schools (ED110)
  • 100 students interested in a career in education across 4 partner school districts


The EPIC Project Director works with partner schools to recruit high school students to join a dual-enrollment program with Lasell College.  The students also take part in a mentorship program with Lasell EPIC Student Leaders to ensure cultural learning and cultural responsiveness.  The mentorship program further provides students with preparation for college, including navigating the college application process, preparing to live on-campus, and transitioning to college academic and social life.


Empirical studies show that teachers of color serve as role models for all students and counter negative stereotypes, while having a more profound impact on the achievement and retention of students of color due to culturally-based practices, higher expectations, and roles as cultural mediators and advocates.  Lasell's EPIC program was designed to create a platform for minority students to become educators.

Partner Schools

  • Marlborough Public Schools
  • Maynard Public Schools
  • Martha's Vineyard Public Schools
  • Margarita Muniz Academy
  • Joseph J. Hurley K-8