School of Business

Siddharth Mobar, M.B.A., CHE, CHIA


Office: DeArment

Tel: 617-243-2327



  • M.B.A., Johnson & Wales University
  • Advanced Graduate Certificates, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University & Les Roches, Hotel Management School, Switzerland

Courses Taught:

  • HEM 101 Hospitality Management
  • HEM 206 Lodging Management
  • HEM 399 Field Experience II
  • HEM 406 Strategic Operations in Hospitality

Professor Siddharth Mobar is an entrepreneur and hotelier with over 16 years of global experience in hotel operations, finance, acquisitions, development, franchise and re-positioning. He brings a vast array of working knowledge and business practices of leading hotel brands in all segments.

Professor Mobar is also an avid hospitality and business educator with experience teaching in prestigious colleges and universities. Some of the courses he has taught in other institutions include; Hospitality Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Front Office Operations, Professional Selling & Sales Management, International Marketing, Operations Management& Supply Chain, & Business to Business Marketing.

An MBA from Johnson & Wales University, he also attained his hospitality education from the School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University & Les Roches, Hotel Management School in Switzerland.

What is your teaching philosophy for Lasell courses?
“As having gained business and management experience over several years from a global perspective, I am aware that when students come into a university, they are but a few steps away from their professional careers. Although somewhat of a cliché, what is true for a business is also true for its employees, to succeed an individual must learn to be faster, smarter, more creative, and be able to learn from mistakes. How can we prepare students to succeed in this competitive environment? The answer is, at least in part, to move them out of their comfort zone by presenting them with realistic problems that have undefined boundaries and solutions and that require cooperation as well as competition. The goal of this is to help students to learn to be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers so that they can be effective competitors in their careers.

The students should see me as a mentor and guide in this particular journey of their life which develops them both personally, professionally & academically. I encourage them to participate as much in classroom discussions and give them that comfort and platform they are looking up to showcase their knowledge and talent.”